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How Long Until Artificial Intelligence Poses a Threat to Humanity?

During this week’s episode of In the Foxhole, Karen Kingston and I focus our discussion on the unnerving landscape where artificial intelligence asserts its presence in the human realm. For those of us who have been paying attention, the alarms may be ringing louder than ever as we break down the groundbreaking Nature TOP 10 nominations, featuring the unexpected inclusion of ChatGPT (Artificial Intelligence) among human contenders.

We had in-depth exploration of the implications and impact of AI being elevated to the same level as humanity. This episode unravels the intricate dynamics of this recognition, delving into the unsettling question that looms on the minds of many who have been witnessing this technology: How long until artificial intelligence poses a threat to humanity? As the globalist elite's push toward the Age of Transhumanism intensifies, our discussion sheds light on the evolving relationship between AI and humanity.

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The episode also takes a sharp turn toward the recent Hollywood screenwriters' strike, which lasted 148 days. A significant bone of contention was the studios' increasing reliance on AI, a concern that echoes the fears of those wary of artificial intelligence. The studios would use AI to write the first movies, cutting out the largest income source of screenwriters. What’s interesting about this is that all AI is doing is plagiarizing the work of the very writers being cut out of the writing process. The strike's conclusion this summer, with the Associated Press dubbing it 'Humans Win…for now,' adds a layer of complexity to the ongoing dialogue surrounding AI's encroachment into creative domains.

In a twist that is sure to capture the attention of the Freedom Movement, we delve into the financial repercussions of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton's lawsuit against Pfizer. The pharmaceutical giant's market share plummeted 6.7%, shedding over $140 billion in market cap, and the forecast for 2024 looks even bleaker as it anticipates further challenges in meeting profit and revenue projections.

Don't miss this episode, where we navigate through the tumultuous intersection of artificial intelligence, the pharmaceutical industry, and the ever-present concerns of the Freedom Movement. Join us in the Foxhole as we confront the realities of a world grappling with the dual challenges of AI encroachment and the pharmaceutical landscape, laying bare the intricate dance between technological advancement and human skepticism.

To get access to all of the documentation cited during today’s episode, please subscribe to Karen Kingston’s Substack at

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