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How Our Trusted Leaders are Using Honesty to Lie About Covid

How have our trusted leaders been able to get away with lying about covid, its origins and even the bioweapon injections? By telling the truth. You heard me right… they are using honesty to lie to you.

Karen Kingston has been blowing the lid off of the false narratives coming out of both the pro-“vaccine” mainstream narrative, as well as the false narratives coming out of our side of the fight, and during our conversation in this episode of In The Foxhole, we discuss the extremely sinister and manipulative language that’s being used in order to lie to the American people by telling them the truth.

We saw this play out with the fight over election fraud after the 2020 Election. The more that I look at the evidence, it appears that the Republicans were more to blame for rigging the elections than the Democrats. That’s been proven true during the 2022 Election, as well. The GOP hates Donald Trump and will do anything they can to ensure he and his key endorsements don’t get into office.

Notice the locations of some of the key states where election fraud occurred: Arizona and Georgia, two states with Republican leadership. It happened under their watch, and, as we saw in Georgia, the GOP Governor and Secretary of State did whatever they could to cover up the fraud and tell us to move on.

In Pennsylvania, the state GOP should’ve been the one to challenge the results of the 2020 Election. Instead, the Texas Attorney General attempted to do so, and it was thrown out due to standing.

In Arizona, the rigged elections of both 2020 and 2022 happened under a Republican governor and attorney general. It’s obvious that the rigging is not just Democrats targeting Republicans, but actually targeting America First candidates. Arizona is a phenomenal example of that.

Why am I bringing this up when we are supposed to be talking about the covid jab? If it wasn’t actually the Democrats who rigged the election, but rather the Republicans, it allows the Dems to be honest when they say that they didn’t rig the election. The accusations are that it’s the Dems that stole it, so when they say that the election isn’t rigged, from their perspective that’s the truth.

The same thing is happening in our fight against the covid bioweapon injections. When Rand Paul was going hard after “Dr” Anthony Fauci over gain-of-function research creating a virus and Fauci denied it, technically he’s telling the truth. You see, the Wuhan Lab of Virology did not create a gain-of-function virus… they used gain-of-function to create a vaccine. So, technically speaking, Anthony Fauci is being honest when he says they didn’t create a vaccine in Wuhan… because they didn’t. But that honesty is also the lie meant to misdirect the American people from the truth about what’s really going on.

On Karen’s Substack, this is all documented in detail. She wrote:

“Residents of Wuhan and other cities of China, Italy and the United States were victims of a coordinated nanoparticle bioweapon attack, a bioweapon attack using the same nanoparticles that are in all COVID-19 mRNA vaccines.”

She further explained:

“The EcoHealth Alliance proposal to DARPA clearly identities nanoparticle bioweapons as spike proteins, spike protein nanoparticles that are ‘bat vaccines’….

Do you see the distinction in what we are talking about? Even our side of the aisle is pushing false narratives about the origins of the covid, which allows people like Fauci to tell the truth for the purpose of lying.

Karen continued with a very important point:

“COVID-19 is caused by an advanced nanoparticle bioweapon that uses mRNA technology to strategically deteriorate and destroy cardiovascular, neurological, immune and reproductive systems. COVID-19 is NOT caused by a virus, gain-of-function or wild-type.”

This is important to understand. Covid was not a respiratory virus. As Karen explained, “Most victims became infected with the nanoparticles via a direct aerosol attack, surface transmission, or food and beverage contamination.” It’s interesting that the MSM have been pushing the narrative that this came from bat soup… which, I guess, technically may be true. But again, that may be a true statement for the purpose of lying.

So this is where we stand… not only to we have to expose flat-out lies, but also truths intended to mislead. This makes it difficult to figure out what’s really going on, which is exactly the point of these trusted leaders.

So what do we do? Arm ourselves with the truth.

I highly recommend subscribing to Karen’s Substack, where she lays all of the documentation out in detail. Don’t just believe what we, or anybody, says just because we say it… do the research yourself. Look at the documentation and become a truth seeker. Karen does a phenomenal job of documenting what’s really going on, which allows you to verify everything she’s saying and see the truth for yourself. Please go to and become a subscriber today.

You can also check out my Substack for my take on everything going on, and I’m focusing on getting people to think through what’s going on from the perspective of your worldview. What do YOU actually believe about covid, the jabs, election fraud, Donald Trump, politics, the GOP, the Deep State, conspiracy theories, The Great Reset or a host of other topics. We are in dire times, and the only solution is We The People. But first, We The People have got to figure out what we actually believe if we want any chance of overcoming the evil we are facing. Please go to and become a subscriber today.

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