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Here’s Tucker Carlson Interviewing Britney Spears for CNN 20 Years Ago

In a former life, Tucker Carlson worked with what was, at the time, a far-less biased CNN as co-host of “Crossfire.” He wasn’t a huge star 20 years ago when he interviewed Britney Spears following her notorious kiss with fellow pop singer Madonna. He even got along with Anderson Cooper.

And the bowties. He loved the bowties.

In this video, we don’t just get the nostalgia of a different situation within cable news. We also see a glimpse of a world that wasn’t quite woke. Here’s a pop singer supporting a Republican President. You won’t see that very often today. We also saw less political tension between people, as if they weren’t as concerned about the cultural ideology of others as much as the content of their character.

Or maybe I’m just reading into it all too much. Either way, it’s an interesting diversion.

This article was written by JD Rucker and originally posted on America First Report.

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