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GOP Challengers Telling Donors Trump Will Be Taken Out of Race

Democrats are absolutely terrified of Donald Trump. The Biden-Harris regime is even more terrified than most. Their weaponized DOJ is going to try to take him out, according to Jack Posobiec, and now Republican challengers are telling donors it’s time to hop on their bandwagon.

Clear now the Biden Admin is going to charge Trump with seditious conspiracy. This is the end goal of the Garland grand jury and the Proud Boys convictions. GOP primary challengers are telling donors they are betting on it taking him out of the race.

If this is true, and there’s no reason to believe it isn’t, then there are two key takeaways. First and foremost, the Biden-Harris regime is evil, but you already knew that. Second, opportunism trumps righteousness among those in the GOP field who smell blood. This shouldn’t be dismissed as politics-as-usual. Any candidate who doesn’t absolutely admonish the DOJ for going after Trump is a evil as the regime they’re trying to replace.

This article was written by JD Rucker and originally posted here.

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