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Google Whistleblower Zach Vorhies Warns That the Coming Technocracy is More Dangerous Than Communism

This episode of The Jeff Dornik Show is sponsored by the explosive new book by Robert F Kennedy Jr, The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health. Order your copy today at

We’ve spent a lot of time on The Jeff Dornik Show discussing the coming Great Reset, where the handful of globalist elites that deem themselves as the kingmakers and powers-that-be are attempting to reset the entire world’s system to establish their New World Order. Obviously, there’s a lot of facets at work. However, some of the most sinister components of this is in regards to technology.

One of the workarounds that they’ve used here in America is by bypassing the governmental system and going straight to Silicon Valley and Big Tech to accomplish their goals. As many experts have claimed, Big Tech is actually more powerful than even our own government.

Zach Vorhies, whom many of you know as the Google Whistleblower that you may have seen on Project Veritas, came on my show to warn us about the coming technocracy that’s coming faster than most even realize. He explains:

“Right now we have this struggle between abusive capitalism and genocidal communism. But I think the real synthesis of that is going to be a completely different system, which I see coming really rapidly that nobody’s talking about, which is the technocracy.

“We can’t really judge it as a capitalist system or a communist system because those things were invented in the era of paper and pencil. If we’re going to rely on the era of paper and pencil to describe the thing that is coming, we need to adjust our models. What’s coming is not communism and it’s not capitalism… it’s a technocracy.

“What dangerous about it is… the average common person, their economic output is going to go down to zero. I’m not just talking about their labor because of robots, but their intellectual capacity because artificial intelligence is going to come and take it over.”

As we’ve discussed on several episodes, the World Economic Forum sees the opportunity to hack our brains to be able to control our very thoughts and strip us of our free will. The extreme advancements in technology are so dangerous that, if not stopped, it could be the end of civilization as we know it.

How can we stop this coming technocracy? By creating new platforms and technology that allows us to no longer be reliant on these tech giants who are manipulating and brainwashing the masses. Obviously, we’ve seen the rise of platforms like Rumble, GETTR, Gab and Clouthub that have been alternatives to current social media platforms. But we need more innovation, which is exactly what Vorhies has been working on.

He just launched his new video aggregator, Blast Video which brings together the top videos from across platforms such as Gab TV, Rumble and Bitchute into one centralized place. That way, you no longer have to jump around to a bunch of different video platforms, you can find all of your favorite censored content creators in one place. It’s a brilliant idea that I’m surprised nobody has created sooner.

I highly encourage you to bookmark and use it as an aggregator for some of the best conservative content creators’ videos. We need more innovators like Zach Vorhies, and it’s incumbent upon us to support and use these kinds of platforms.

We’ve actually launched our platform called Freedom First TV, which is our own streaming service geared specifically towards freedom-loving conservatives. We are hosting a bunch of live online summits and conferences, as well as panels and one-on-one interviews that you can only catch if you’re a subscriber. Not only will it include the livestreams, but you’ll get access to the full library of content. Our first livestream event is this Saturday, April 2nd, and it’s called 11.03.20: The Real Insurrection, and features speakers such as Jovan Hutton Pulitzer, Seth Keshel, Bobby Piton, Tracy Beanz, Kandiss Taylor, Josh Barnett and more. Subscribe to Freedom First TV today and tune into the livestream on Saturday at


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I though the video aggregator sounded like an awesome idea until I realised the list of content creators is SET FOR YOU. And this is supposed to be an answer to the controlled information platforms? This platform controls the information you see more dramatically than YouTube does. This is how echo chambers are created.


I think the labels--ism's---obfuscate the raw and basic human instincts that are the root cause of consequent acts.

I would define the foundational spiritual and philosophical worldviews to better differentiate the ever expanding popular terms for very basic desires that translate to action and evil.

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