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GETTR’s Sonny Joy Nelson: Be Prepared for Massive Election Interference From Big Tech in 2022

For all those who’ve been tuning into The Jeff Dornik Show since the beginning, you know that the 2020 Election was stolen. That is not up for debate… it’s a matter of fact.

During this episode of the show GETTR’s Director of Media Affairs, Sonny Joy Nelson, warned that when it comes to election interference, we haven’t seen anything yet. With gas prices raging out of control, World War 3 on the horizon and Joe Biden and Kamala Harris showing the world that they are nothing more than bumbling idiots, the only way that they have a shot at holding onto the House and Senate in the 2022 Mid-Terms will be through massive election fraud and interference from Big Tech and the Mainstream Media.

“We saw the political oppression leading up to the 2020 Election, everybody knows the Hunter Biden laptop story. Twitter decided that you are not going to post this story, this massive story, three weeks before the election, which was a crucial time. If that is not election interference, I don’t know what is.

“After the election, I know there was a poll conducted where many people… said they would’ve changed their vote if they had known about this Hunter Biden laptop story that the New York Post published. We saw Big Tech really getting involved with the presidential election, and they got away with it. They completely got away with it, leading all the way up to them banning President Trump.

So if we saw that much interference during the 2020 Election, I can only imagine the interference we’re going to see during the 2022 Mid-Terms, because all of the polling is going so far against the Democrats. The American people have made their voices heard and have shown their displeasure with the Democrats that I think there’s going to be a massive Red Wave. I’m sure the Big Tech teams are all trying to huddle together to figure out what they can do to stop that from happening in 2022.”

The question for me is: Where is the Republican Party? As I’ve stated repeatedly on my show, I expect the Democrats to lie, cheat and steal in order to win. That’s a given. The GOP, however, is supposed to be there to defend our Constitutional Rights. If it weren’t for our own party working against us during the 2020 Election, the Dems wouldn’t have gotten away with stealing the election from Donald Trump.

We know that election interference is going to continue. Expect more censorship from Big Tech, more stories suppressed that tell the truth about the Biden Regime and more direct violation of the law to steal the election. Are our elected officials going to do anything about it… or just continue with their business-as-usual attitude which will lead to the utter destruction of America? Only time will tell.

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