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Fox News vs. America

(JD Rucker) - The last time I watched Fox News for longer than a clip posted on social media was Election Day, 2020. I’d always felt Fox News was corrupted, “controlled opposition” if you will, but it was that night that I realized they’re actually worse than CNN or MSNBC in their manipulation. With the two leftwing cable news networks, you know up front what to expect. With Fox News, conservatives across the nation are being gaslighted at least 20% of the time if not more.

That’s the key to their propagandist success against their right-leaning viewers. They’ll lambast Critical Race Theory in schools. They’ll hit Joe Biden on the border. They’ll declare how perverse Drag Queen Story Hour is. But in between their “safe” conservative perspectives, they’ll sneak in support for sending more taxpayer dollars to Ukraine. They’ll throw subtle (and sometimes not-so-subtle) jabs at Donald Trump. They’ll interview Lindsey Graham, Dan Crenshaw, and the other GOP Establishment NeoCons.

In other words, they indoctrinate what I call “Fox News Conservatives” into buying what the right-leaning wing of the UniParty Swamp is selling.

Ever since Election Day, 2020, I’ve wanted to write a piece about Fox News. I’ve hit them with small pieces and mentions on my show sporadically, but I wasn’t inspired to dedicate a full article to the subject until their coordinated attack was launched against Matt Gaetz following his ousting of UniParty Swamp Golden Boy Kevin McCarthy.

I know not everyone is a fan of Gaetz. You don’t have to be his fan to recognize that the response from Fox News has been unhinged for effect. And it’s not just Gaetz that they’re targeting. They’re going after anyone in Congress who wants to make the changes necessary to break up the status quo. Yesterday, I hit Brian Kilmeade for his “interview” of Tim Burchett:

They wanted the Ryan-Boehner-Romney-Bush GOP to rise and for MAGA to fade away. McCarthy was supposed to do that, but now their dream is stunted. Instead of licking their wounds and conspiring to promote the next RINO supervillain, they’re lashing out at the eight patriots who stood up to McCarthy on behalf of America and their constituents.

One such target is Tim Burchett, a Congressman from Tennessee. He went on with Fox News Swamp-shill Brian Kilmeade to discuss what transpired and to look ahead to brighter days for the Republican-controlled House and the nation. The interview started off cordially enough, but half-way into it Kilmeade became obnoxious. It got to the point that he could barely contain his spite toward the anti-McCarthy eight, continuously asking vitriolic questions before cutting Burchett off.

During one comical moment in the interview, Kilmeade interrupted Burchett while he was talking about being interrupted every time he spoke. Watch:

This is just another example of why Fox News is failing despite being clearly on top of cable news when Tucker Carlson was still there.

We’ve seen attacks by Fox News against “The Gaetzful Eight” for two straight days. Most hosts have been in full-blown smear-mode. But none of them have been more disgusting to me than what Mark Levin has been saying. My response to one of his smears garnered some attention with over 100K views so far. That’s far from viral, but for my shadowbanned account it’s well beyond my average reach.

True story about Mark Levin…

He’s currently complaining that Democrats backed the motion to vacate.

But when all but one Democrat backed Kevin McCarthy’s CR, you didn’t hear Levin calling him a moron. You didn’t see him screaming about McCarthy telling lies to conservatives. You didn’t hear a peep from him about McCarthy cutting deals with Chuck Schumer in private.

That’s because Levin and far too many “conservative” media figures are tasked with keeping Fox-News-watching Republicans aligned with the status quo.

People like Levin perpetuate the fiction that it’s all about Republican vs. Democrat. The last thing the powers-that-be want is for people to wake up to the reality that it’s actually the bipartisan, globalist-align UniParty Swamp versus the people.

The best thing @mattgaetz and his allies did was NOT getting rid of McCarthy. The best thing they did was to draw out the #SwampShills so we could recognize them by the agenda they serve.

BY NO MEANS do I believe Matt Gaetz, Donald Trump, or anyone other than Jesus Christ is above reproach. We are living in polarized times so it’s expected that people like Levin will express their opinions passionately. But the vitriol he’s been spewing seems over-the-top and extraordinarily lopsided.

Whenever attacks are lopsided they come across as hypocritical. Since I do not believe Levin is a hypocrite, I have to conclude he’s part of the Fox News controlled opposition crew.

And that’s disappointing.

Fox vs America

As I noted before, I am a firm believer that CNN and MSNBC do less damage than Fox News because their core audience is already brainwashed. Fox News watchers are generally right-leaning which means they’re generally more individualistic and therefore not aligned with collectivism.

At the end of the day, I believe the purpose of Fox News in their work on behalf of the UniParty Swamp (and therefore the Deep State and the Globalist Elite Cabal) is to herd right-leaning Americans into a collectivist mindset. They want us to follow the herd to get vaccinated. They want us to join the crowd by funding Ukrainian oligarchs. They want us to pretend there was no voter fraud in 2020 or 2022. They want us to think Kevin McCarthy is awesome and Matt Gaetz is evil.

Unfortunately, it’s working. I have friends who are otherwise aligned with my thinking who tell me my opposition to funding Ukraine means I’m a Putin-lover. There are far too many Republicans who think the last two elections were fair and square. And there are many Republicans who were skeptical of the jabs got theirs anyway because of what Sean Hannity or others said. Heck, even Trump has promoted them heavily in large part due to what Hannity and Mike Pence told him.

We need discernment badly. I know many of my readers have already switched to Newsmax, One America News, Real America’s Voice, or any of the other smaller networks. I’m not going to recommend any of them directly, mostly because the ones I consider to be “bad” are still better than Fox News. I’ll let readers discuss it in the comments. The key point is we all need to find news outlets we like that are NOT Fox. We also need to warn our friends and relatives who are still watching Fox News.

As a general rule, any outlet that’s running ads by Pfizer or Moderna are either leftwing or controlled opposition.

We can try to chalk it all up to left-leaning leadership or even ownership at Fox News. That’s partially valid. But we have to assume that they are fully captured by the powers-that-be. That means they’re not just at war with Donald Trump or Matt Gaetz or MAGA in general. They’re at war with America. Unfortunately, most of their viewers don’t realize this.

Propaganda comes in many forms. Sometimes it’s blatant. Other times it’s subtle. But once an outlet goes down the dark path, they should be considered lost forever.

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