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Former Maricopa County Election Judge Michele Swinick's Blueprint to Crush Election Sabotage

In a recent episode of The Jeff Dornik Show, I had the privilege of sitting down with Michele Swinick, the passionate host of the Save My Freedom TV show on Brighteon.TV and Freedom First Network. Michele shared her insightful 5-point plan aimed at tackling the issue of rigged elections head-on and ensuring the rightful President takes the oath post the 2024 Election. With her background as an Election Judge and over a year of in-depth investigation into our electoral systems, Michele brings forth a revelation that could reshape the narrative of American elections.

Michele, who served as an Election Judge in Mari-Corruption County, Anarchy Arizona, laid the groundwork for her 5-point plan by exposing the deep-seated corruption that she believes has tainted the electoral process. Claiming to be the sole individual in the nation truly familiar with the inner workings of the election system, Michele dubs herself the "Election Fraud Prevention Expert," ready to unveil the truth that America has yet to hear.

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At the core of Michele's strategy is a spiritual call to arms. Emphasizing the importance of reconnecting with foundational values, she advocates for a re-election of God in the hearts and minds of the American people. Michele sees a spiritual revival as the essential first step towards reclaiming the integrity of the electoral process.

Michele believes that a critical component of her plan is exposing the corruption that has infiltrated the system. With first-hand experience in Mari-Corruption County, she is on a mission to unveil the truth and rally support to take back not only Arizona but the entire nation.

To effectively combat the challenges posed by rigged elections, Michele calls for the formation of a "Take Action Army." This army, comprised of warriors committed to upholding election integrity, will be at the forefront of the battle to ensure a fair and just electoral process.

Michele recognizes the need for a multi-faceted approach, combining spiritual rejuvenation with on-the-ground activism. Winning the battle on both fronts is crucial to dismantling corruption and restoring faith in the democratic process.

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The final piece of the puzzle is the strategic implementation of the PRAY-PLAN-TAKE ACTION approach. Michele believes that a combination of prayer, meticulous planning, and decisive action is the key to overcoming the challenges posed by rigged elections.

As one of the few people in the country that truly understand the intricacies of the election system, Michele Swinick emerges as a true election warrior. Her dedication to exposing corruption and rallying a Take Action Army showcases her commitment to the fundamental principles of democracy and the belief that America's elections can be salvaged.

In conclusion, my conversation with Michele Swinick has sparked a conversation that goes beyond politics – it's a call to reclaim the essence of our Constitutional Republic and ensure that the voice of the people is heard, unadulterated by corruption. Only time will tell if her 5-point plan will resonate with the American people and pave the way for a fair and just electoral future. It all hinges on you and your actions.

Make sure you subscribe to Michele Swinick's Substack at to get the full 5 Point Plan and instructions on how you can take action to save America.



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