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Former EPA Scientist Exposes Corruption at the Highest Levels of Government

While so many environmentalists are distracted by the abstract concept of “climate change,” there is a very real pollution problem that is suppressing human immune systems and damaging human hormonal expression. The issue of biosludge and persistent bio-accumulative toxins continues to be ignored by the EPA.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is supposed to protect the environment and human health from toxic pollution, but according to former EPA scientist and whistleblower Dr. David Lewis, the agency is nothing more than a pollution protection racket for big industry. In a new interview with Mike Adams, Dr. Lewis explains how the EPA destroys the careers of scientists who speak out against industry pollution while covering up evidence of toxic pollution to protect corporate profits.

Dr. Lewis speaks out about biosludge, dioxins, and bio-accumulative toxins

Dr. Lewis’s own career was destroyed by the EPA after he raised warnings about EPA-approved “biosludge” pollution of soils with human sewage waste. Biosolids, or treated sewage sludge, are often applied to farmland as fertilizer, but they often contain dangerous levels of heavy metals, pathogens, pharmaceuticals, endocrine disrupting chemicals, and other toxic substances.

According to Dr. Lewis, the EPA carries out selective “science” in order to protect the profits of corporations, and has been doing so for decades. He explains that the agency is heavily influenced by lobbyists, and its policies and regulations are often written by corporations themselves. In the interview, he also talks about the corruption of science in academia, and how bio-terrorists and foreign adversaries could easily use biosludge as a vector to acutely poison the population.

Despite the EPA’s claims that it protects public health and the environment, Dr. Lewis warns that the agency is endangering both by allowing toxic pollution to go unchecked. The EPA is currently facing lawsuits for failing to protect against a massive vinyl chloride burn in East Palestine, Ohio. The vinyl chloride was not shipped away and incinerated at high temperatures; instead, the EPA and the Department of Transportation allowed the vinyl chloride to be burned in pits, unleashing some of the most toxic substances known to man – dioxins. Dioxins are typically released by a variety of industrial processes, including incineration of waste, and can cause cancer, birth defects, and other serious health problems.

Dr. Lewis exposes the thuggish EPA

Dr. Lewis’s own experience as an EPA scientist and whistleblower provides a firsthand account of the agency’s corrupt practices. After raising warnings about biosolids pollution, Dr. Lewis was targeted by the agency and his lab was shuttered.

He explains that the EPA engages in a variety of tactics to silence scientists who speak out against industry pollution, including intimidation, harassment, and retaliation. According to Dr. Lewis, the EPA has downplayed the dangers of biosolids and has ignored evidence of their toxicity. He explains that the agency has been heavily influenced by the sewage industry, which has sought to promote biosolids as a safe and effective fertilizer. Despite the risks, Dr. Lewis continues to speak out against the EPA and industry pollution. He believes that it is essential for scientists to be able to speak out without fear of retaliation, and for the public to have access to unbiased information about the dangers of pollution.

Dr. Lewis believes that it is essential for the public to be aware of the dangers of biosolids and to demand that the EPA take action to protect public health and the environment. He calls for a moratorium on the use of biosolids until their safety can be guaranteed, and for greater transparency and accountability in the regulatory process. As the author of Science for Sale, Dr. Lewis continues to speak out against industry pollution and the EPA’s protection racket. If we are to truly protect public health and the environment, we must hold corporations accountable for their pollution and create a truly independent regulatory agency that is not influenced by industry interests.

This article was written by Larry D Johnson and originally posted at Natural News.

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