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Former CIA Intelligence Officer: The Deep State is More Scared of RFK Than of Trump

Dr Michael Scheuer & Col Mike, co-hosts of Two Mikes, join this episode of The Jeff Dornik Show to discuss a wide variety of relevant issues, almost all pertaining to the propaganda and disinformation campaigns of the intelligence agencies, whether it’s in regards to Russia and Ukraine, covid-19, election fraud or the assassinations of JFK and RFK Sr.

When it comes to Russia and Ukraine, Dr Scheuer explains the problem with the warmongering going on with the interventionists on both sides of the aisle attempting to suck us into World War III. According to both Mikes, Putin is the lesser of two evils than Zelensky, and the reason we are supporting Ukraine has to do with the corruption that our political leaders are involved with in their dealings with this corrupt nation.

One of the interesting statements made by Dr Scheuer and Col Mike was in regards to the upcoming 2024 Election. They explained that RFK Jr is on the wrong side of the argument when it comes to climate change, but that the Deep State is probably more scared of RFK getting into the White House than they are of Trump. The main reason is because RFK knows how the intelligence agencies work and what secrets they are hiding, especially when it comes to their assassination of both his father and his uncle, John F Kennedy.

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