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Former Campaign Manager Chad Caton Calls On Lin Wood To Stop Feeding the Dumpster Fire

I recently posted an article on a recorded phone call with Lin Wood where he claimed Sidney Powell is a man and accused Gen Michael Flynn and Chad Caton for staging an attempted kidnapping of Gen Flynn. Chad, who is the former campaign manager for Lin Wood’s unsuccessful run for Chairman of the South Carolina GOP, joins this episode of The Jeff Dornik Show to tell all in regards to Lin and what’s really going on.

Chad Caton seems to be enemy #1 of the GOP Swamp in South Carolina. He got kicked off his radio show simply for being in Washington DC on January 6th, nowhere near the Capitol Building. And it wasn’t the Democrats that got him fired, but the Republicans.

He’s someone who has constantly confronted the khaki pants wearing establishment Republicans like Lindsey Graham who seem to do nothing but pretend to be Trump supporters, but then turn around and refuse to take a stand for Conservative values.

Chad’s focus on the Reorg and taking back the Republican Party in South Carolina has made him a lot of enemies. So what did he do? He brought in Lin Wood to run for the Chairman of the SCGOP. The goal was to expose the corruption within the ranks of the supposed Republican leadership. It ended up being a very effective strategy and, despite Lin losing the election, their goal was achieved.

Unfortunately, while it’s expected for Chad to take hits from the Establishment crowd, now he’s getting “friendly fire” from Lin Wood, the very guy he campaigned for. What’s Chad’s crime? Apparently, it’s that he’s friends with General Michael Flynn, whom Wood has beef with.

This is the kind of infighting that consistently occurs within the Conservative movement and ensures that the RINOs will continue to remain in power. While the Left and the Establishment Republicans are in lockstep with each other, the Conservative movement has a reputation to taking out our own. This is yet another example of that.

During this episode of The Jeff Dornik Show, Chad Caton responded to some of the allegations made by Lin. Then he shifted the attention on to what we should be focused on: taking back the Republican Party on the local level.

We keep getting distracted with what’s going on in Washington DC. And, let me tell you, that is a swamp that needs to be drained. The only way to fix DC is to focus on our local politics. Why? Because it’s the local political leaders that decide elections.

Think about it: How did they steal the 2020 Election? By controlling local politics on the city, county and state levels. The arbitrarily (and illegally) changed the rules without hardly any pushback. How did they get away with that? Because Conservatives have been so focused on the Swamp in Washington DC that they had no idea what’s going on in their backyard, which led to the theft of the 2020 Election.

Is Lin Wood’s drama a dumpster fire? Absolutely. It’s a drama magnet that is distracting us from what’s important. Don’t allow yourself to get distracted and, instead, focus on taking back this country. This means getting involved locally.

Go to your school board meetings, city council meetings and local GOP events. Email your congressmen. Reach out to your city council. Ensure that they will protect your rights. This is how we save America.


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