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FBI Whistleblower Nate Cain Takes On Former Podesta Group Employee Riley Moore in Congressional Race

It’s not even a debate anymore when it comes to whether the Federal Government has gone full-on authoritarian. They’ve shredded the United States Constitution to pieces. The question is whether we can put it back together again.

We need America First candidates that are willing to take on the corrupt system within our Federal Government. We’re seeing Big Corporations working in conjunction with the government to line the pockets of the ultra-wealthy. We’re seeing lobbyists and the military industrial complex compromise politicians with bribes and blackmail.

We see Republican candidates who tout themselves as Constitutional Conservatives, but are really Establishment GOP Swamp Creatures. As a reminder, I grew up in Arizona where John McCain was our Senator for decades. He’d run as a conservative, but legislate as a RINO. From where I’m sitting, it appears that Riley Moore may be John McCain Lite.

Moore is the WV State Treasurer who has made a name for himself by “taking on” Blackrock and other corporations and investment firms that embrace ESG. But when you dig a little deeper beyond the headlines, you see a much more concerning candidate.

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Before he got into politics, he was a lobbyist and had to register as a foreign agent. He also worked for The Podesta Group. Yes, THAT Podesta Group. These are definitely concerns, and he seems to be avoiding the issue altogether.

During today’s episode of The Jeff Dornik Show, I had Nate Cain on who is challenging Riley Moore in the GOP Congressional Primary for West Virginia’s 2nd District. He is the original FBI Whistleblower on Hillary Clinton, Uranium One, and their coverup of her crimes related to Money Laundering, Public Corruption & Terrorism Financing.

His campaign is focused on reigning in government abuses of power and restoring our constitutionally protected rights, strengthening of National Security, and breaking the burden of federal regulation on West Virginia’s prosperity. 

Nate is military veteran and an expert in cybersecurity for over 26 years and has worked extensively on election integrity, having been called on as an expert witness and cyber forensic investigator by the Trump White House after the 2020 election debacle. 

These are the candidates that we need to get behind. He has an extensive understanding of the issues we are facing, as you’ll see throughout this hour and twenty minute long interview.

For more information and to support Nate Cain for Congress, please visit his campaign website:

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