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Elon Musk is a Globalist

Elon Musk is a globalist. Plain and simple. In my opinion, he’s a trojan horse working on behalf of the World Economic Forum and Klaus Schwab. The technology that he’s developing with SpaceX, Tesla, X, Neuralink and xAI is all what is needed to usher in The Great Reset. When I spoke at Clay Clark’s ReAwaken America Tour at Trump Doral, I ran into my good friend Alex Stone and sat down to do an interview with him for his podcast A Stonewall’s Perspective. During this interview I discuss the problem with Elon Musk, Twitter (now X), his new CEO and their globalist ties to the World Economic Forum.

Contrast that with our new social content platform called pickax, which is a constitutionally free speech platform that has algorithms working on your behalf and not beholden to Big Tech in any way. Combine that with the monetization opportunities unlike anything you’ve seen for content creators and our strong stance against Artificial Intelligence, this is the perfect platform to combat the power Big Tech and the Globalist Elites have over us. Go to to sign up today so you can be among the first to join the platform once we launch beta. Be sure to subscribe to A Stonewall’s Perspective on Rumble and Apple Podcasts. His website is




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