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Dr Syed Haider Reveals The One Thing Most Preppers Forget To Stock Up On That Could Save Their Life

Thousands, if not millions, of Americans across this country see the writing on the wall… unless God moves in miraculous ways, we are facing the ushering in of The Great Reset. This will be the attempt by the globalist elites to establish the one world government, one world currency and one world religion predicted in the Book of Revelation.

While only God knows what’s going to happen in the future, we can prepare for the worst case scenario, which is why I’ve been promoting heavily the importance of owning assets, buying gold and silver (which you can get at, and stocking up on ammo and survival supplies like food and water.

Dr Syed Haider came on The Jeff Dornik Show to add one more thing that we need to incorporate in our survival supplies: medication. One of the main ones he recommends is antibiotics. While he’s often slow to prescribe antibiotics, he says it’s a must if you are going to truly prepare to survive if you-know-what hits the fan.

Dr Haider explained:

“I started thinking: where do antibiotics come from? I found out that 97% of antibiotics come from China and a small percentage comes from India and maybe some from Puerto Rico and some from Europe. But the primary supply is China. Everyone is seeing what’s happening with Russia, and China has always been angling for Taiwan.

“So then I started thinking: OK, let’s play out this scenarios. What happens if China goes after Taiwan? We sanction China, and then China decides, ‘We’re not going to ship you anything anymore. We’re not going to ship you antibiotics, we’re not going to ship you baby formula, we’re not going to ship you anything.’

“Most of our stuff comes from China, but medicine is critical. You can grow your own food, but it’s hard to grow antibiotics. You can get some things in your garden that have antibiotic affects, and you can create some medications yourself, but it’s not something that’s doable for most people…”

As you can see, with all of the supply chain issues and the fact that we are importing almost all of our antibiotics from China, if something were to happen, Americans would be screwed. This is why we must prepare our first aid kits with medicines like antibiotics that can literally save our lives if the need arose.

Because of how important this is, Dr Haider and his team have put together survival supplies of the most important antibiotics that you can have on hand in an emergency situation. Make sure that you are including this in your prepping strategy of survival supplies.

For more information on Dr Syed Haider and to get an Emergency Antibiotic kit or even Backup Supply Meds, head on over to He also has protocols for covid prevention, treatment and to treat covid long-haul syndrome.

After you get stocked up on antibiotics and meds, I highly recommend that you visit our sponsor Our Gold Guy to see if investing in gold is right for you. This is the one investment that Joe Biden and the Global Elites behind the World Economic Forum don’t want you to do, as it hedges against their intentional devaluing of the dollar. They can only reset the world economic system if they can tank all the currencies and no one has any resources. Head on over to and fill out the form, letting them know that Jeff Dornik sent you.

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