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Dr Pierre Kory: We’ve Pushed Aside Safeguards to Allow a Criminal Pharmaceutical Industry to Operate

I had the opportunity to have another conversation with Dr Pierre Kory on the latest episode of The Jeff Dornik Show. As you all know, he’s the one who discovered that Ivermectin was an effective drug to treat covid-19 and was lambasted by the Mainstream Media for pushing a horse dewormer. However, the studies and data proves that he was right all along.

I wanted to discuss with Dr Kory what lessons we’ve learned after the covid plandemic, in which we saw the government and mainstream media work in collusion with Big Pharma to lie and gaslight the American people regarding everything from the real mortality rate of covid-19 to just how dangerous the jabs really are. What did we discover? That the powers-that-be are more dishonest and crooked than we ever realized.

Take the covid-19 “vaccine” trials… as I’ve pointed out in previous episodes, the very same studies that the FDA cites to support their claim that the jabs are 95% effective at protecting you from contracting covid-19, they actually show that it only increased your protection by 0.7% when compared to your natural immunity… and that less than 1% protection only last for seven days.

It’s clear that Big Pharma is investing so much money into their new drugs and vaccines that they are doing whatever they can to make it appear as if virtually everything they come out with is safe and effective. That’s evidenced by the approximately 80% success rate of Big Pharma sponsored trials, while the success rate drops to closer to 50% when it’s an independent trial.

How does Big Pharma manipulate their results to make it appear that the Poison Death Shots are safe and effective, when clearly they aren’t. Dr Kory explained:

“When you see those trials and conclusions, you actually have to look at the flow of patients through the trials. Who did they exclude? Who shows up in that ‘didn’t follow protocol’ category? How many did that?

“When you look at these trials and their conclusions, you realize that there is a raft of infections that occurred in the vaccinated group before they were deemed ‘fully vaccinated’. And this was so apparent in the toddler trials.

“In the toddler trials, which they unanimously approved to inject into three year olds, you see that there was a three shot schedule. In each time period between enrollment and first shot, first shot and second shot, and second and third shot, the vaccinated got way more covid than the unvaccinated.

“Then, once you got to the third shot and waited… fourteen days, do you know what the difference was? They showed there was four less infections in the vaccinated. But you’d have to ignore all of the dozens of infections that occurred before they were fully vaccinated.

“So you can see that there was a negative adverse affect on the vaccines, and yet what do they say? That they were 57% protective. No it wasn’t!

“Then the other thing is, if you look at the flow of the patients, forty-five hundred kids were enrolled… three thousand dropped out. What kind of trial is that? You would need to know why three thousand kids were removed from that trial.”

This should shock and terrify everyone, especially since our own government is providing cover for these fraudulent trials. As Dr Kory stated: “We’ve pushed aside safeguards to allow a criminal industry to operate unchecked.”

While Flip-Flopping Fuhrer Fauci is beholden to Big Pharma and is criminally providing cover for the Poison Death Shots, there are actual things you can do to combat the covid bioweapon. Eat healthy, exercise and live a clean and healthy lifestyle. There are several supplements you can take to build up your immune system, including Zinc, Vitamin D, Quercetin and Zinc. Luckily, Dr Zelenko put these and others together in his Z-Stack and Z-DTOX, which you can order today using code FREEDOM at

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