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Dr Pierre Kory: The Massive Covid Conspiracy Involving Eugenics, Infertility and The Great Reset

This episode of The Jeff Dornik Show is sponsored by the explosive new book by Robert F Kennedy Jr The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health. Order your copy today at

Dr Pierre Kory has literally saved millions of lives around the world through exposing the world to his findings regarding the live-saving covid-19 treatment, Ivermectin. Our government, Big Tech and the Mainstream Media have thrown everything they can to discredit him and his messaging, but he’s proven he is not going anywhere.

Most of my listeners understand how effective Ivermectin truly is, as we’ve discussed this at length in episode after episode. During this episode of The Jeff Dornik Show, I decided to take a different direction in my conversation with Dr Kory, and we discussed the response to his findings.

Then the conversation turned to what I think may be the most important explanation of what’s truly going on in regards to covid-19, the vaccines and the push for a world-wide centralized control of information. Many of you have never heard Dr Kory talk like this, so hopefully it will wake you up.

I asked Dr Kory what he believes is actually going on. Is the push for global mass vaccination against covid-19, despite being proven ineffective and dangerous to the masses, simply financial? Or is there something more sinister going on?

Pay attention to his response, as he breaks down what we know and the logical conclusions that, unfortunately, will shock most people with how deep and sinister this plot truly runs.

My best insight, again I have to borrow from the book The Real Anthony Fauci which is a transformative book. When I lecture, I say that this is assigned reading. I’m an educator, I lecture for a living and teach medicine, and it’s what I love to do and I was very well known and have won a lot of awards for teaching. But now, when I give lectures to lay people, I say, “Assigned reading to all of you, go get the book and read the whole thing. You cannot be an educated citizen until you read it.

So, that question you asked, if you go to the last three chapters of the book, you learn these really disturbing facts that are well documented, it’s in the media.

But, you’ve heard of the simulation exercises, right? For these pandemics… largely run by Bill Gates and BMGF, who are right in the middle of it. These are multi-national exercises with large healthcare agencies. They simulated a global viral pandemic and they are actually preparing for how to respond. When you read the fine print of what they did and what they concluded out of these exercises, messaging was key. The enemy was vaccine hesitancy and the solution was vaccines.

So, this response of this global mass vaccination, this was already prepared. I just didn’t think that propaganda and censorship would be as used and successful as it was.

They developed this trusted news initiative, where you literally have press agencies agreeing to control information. Can you think of a greater obesity than that? Literally the press - the FREE press - deciding, “Yeah, we don’t think it should be so free anymore. We need to control the information and only make the good stuff go out there.”

When you ask me what’s really going on, I’m most comfortable saying it’s the profit motive because that’s the least controversial. “It’s just about the profits. They wanted to open up a global market and get billions and billions from the vaccines.” What other objectives could it be?

From where I started two years ago to where I am now… In medicine when we’re trying to figure out what’s causing something we call it a differential diagnosis. Could it be a viral syndrome? Could it be a cancer? Could it be this? So we run the differential with all of this. So, your question is almost like, “What’s the diagnosis here? What is causing this?” First on my list as most likely is profit motive. Second is some other motive. And there’s where into the WEF and The Great Reset and population control and decreasing fertility… and I’ll believe all of it, and I’ll tell you why.

If you read that book (The Real Anthony Fauci) you are left with only one conclusion, and this is a big statement: Clearly Anthony Fauci is a sociopath and clearly Bill Gates is. When you look at the history of Bill Gates with his history of eugenicism and what he’s done to public health throughout continents throughout the last twenty years, if you actually read what he’s done in Africa with different interventions and how he’s really corrupted public health… public health really used to be about sanitation, food, nutrition and all these things where in these poor and not fully developed countries, and then all of a sudden Gates started showing up in all these public health systems, and it was vaccines, vaccines, vaccines. They would pay vaccinating nurses more than the other ones, so all these nurses that would help people, treating different diseases, making sure nutrition and health was good, they started working for Bill Gates.

This vaccine obsession is strange and we know that they have had some other vaccine exercises in the past which really disturbed the fertility of communities in Africa. There’s all sorts of strange, odd things and I try not to go there because I’m already getting attacked for just my simple truths, so when you go into the complex truths… I mean, do you guys talk about this stuff? What’s really going on? What are they really trying to push for here?

I try to stay away from it because it’s just, I mean, the financial stuff is enough. If you show that they want to make money and they don’t care about literally hundreds of thousands and millions who are dying and they are pushing vaccines that we know are causing unprecedented deaths.

The life insurance companies are talking about it now, and that to me is the one piece of hope: It no longer has to be me wearing a white coat as a doctor talking about the data. You don’t need data when life insurance guys are saying, “Starting in Quarter 1 of 2021 we have seen an unprecedented rise in un-covid deaths to which we’ve never seen in our two hundred year history.” That’s in the age group of 18-64. They said that they’ve never seen a 40% rise in mortality from year to year. They said there’s some catastrophic event that’s going on in society. By the way, they don’t say the vaccines, they just say that they can’t explain the rise in 2021. That’s what I think is going to change.

I hope that with everything we just talked about, Jeff… the absurd discord between the science and the policy and the amount of death they’ve caused with this overreach, my hope is that this is what’s going to expose them and when we come out of this that the history books get it right and we learn.

Remember, when we were talking before we started, and I was telling you that I have friends that are living in the North East and you gave me an example of what’s going on in California, I have friends and doctors that I’ve trained that are still firmly fixed to the narrative that the solution to this problem is that everyone needs to get vaccinated, and it’s completely false. Yet they believe it so fervently still… I talk about this is a war of information.

If you look at we’ve been able to accomplish as an organization with our website and disseminating information and evolving our protocols and sending them out, I think we’ve done a really great job in helping a large portion or not only this country, but we get feedback from all over the world with how much they’ve liked our protocols. So we’ve done a good job, but it’s still 40%. I think there’s still 60% that believe Ivermectin is a horse dewormer.

As Dr Kory explained, the book that opened his eyes to what’s really going on is Robert F Kennedy’s new book The Real Anthony Fauci. Luckily for us, the book’s publisher is the sponsor for this episode of The Jeff Dornik Show. I highly encourage you to order a copy of the book on Amazon, as it will literally shock you once you understand how deep this massive conspiracy actually goes. You must be armed with the truth, and as Dr Kory explained, The Real Anthony Fauci is required reading if you are going to be an informed citizen. Order your copy today at

For Covid-19 care, please visit You can also visit Check out his latest writings at You can also pre-order his upcoming book War on Ivermectin: The Medicine that Saved Millions and Could Have Ended the COVID Pandemic at



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