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Dr Mark Sherwood Warns That Only Focusing on Big Pharma vs Other “Bigs” Won’t Fix the Problem

Due to the covid plandemic, we’ve all been focusing on the corruption and pure evil within Big Pharma… and rightly so. However, as Dr Mark Sherwood explains during this episode of The Jeff Dornik Show, we can’t ignore the evils of the other “Bigs”… namely, Big Food and Big Agriculture. Without their attacks on our health, the natural immunity of Americans could have had a much better opportunity of combatting covid-19 through their God-given natural immunity.

The problem we are facing is being distracted with what’s right in front of us and ignoring how we got here. As everyone has been discussing over the last few decades, obesity is out of control. The results of this have been catastrophic, with preventable diseases like diabetes, heart conditions and even some cancers wrecking havoc on our society.

What is the consistent root problem? Our food quality has gotten worse, with most Americans eating processed food, fast food and junk food at extremely high rates. And then we wonder why our nation is overweight and constantly sick.

But on top of that, put the obesity issue to the side. Even those not overweight are struggling from a health perspective. Most Americans are on multiple prescription drugs. The vast majority of time, these drugs are simply masking the symptoms of a root problem that could be solved with more natural and permanent resolution. But that’s the difference between standard American healthcare vs naturopathy… the former looks at treating the symptoms while the latter deals with getting to the root problems and solving those.

So while it is extremely important that we expose all of the horrific practices within Big Pharma, what has truly destroyed our health are the combined efforts between Big Pharma, Food and Ag. Each of these industries participates in public/private partnerships with the federal government that has been nothing but destructive to our health.

Now is the time to take control of your own health. That means eat healthy (and organic if possible), exercise, get some natural Vitamin D (sunlight), get good sleep and get right with God. There’s also supplements you can take to help boost your natural God-given immune system, which is why I always recommend Dr Zelenko’s Z-Stack, Z-DTOX and Z-Flu, which you can get at using code FREEDOM for a discount.

For more information from Dr Mark Sherwood, please visit his website:

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