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Dr. Lee Merritt’s Most Explosive Interview: The International Hyenas

Note from Jeff: I've had Dr Lee Merritt on my show before, and while much of what she says can be shocking to the everyday person that is not entrenched in the massive conspiracy that is covid-19, she has consistently been proven correct and is constantly way ahead of the curve when it comes to what's coming next.

She is spot-on when she explains that the covid shots have zero benefit, and are only resulting in injuries, disabilities and sudden death.

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Today's "BOMBSHELL" episode of Two Mikes's podcast was both our " LONGEST” and among one of our most informative. Our guest was Dr. Lee Merritt, who has been with us several times previously.

As listeners will remember, Dr. Merritt has been valiantly opposing the death-shot for several years, and has been slandered -- probably libeled -- by some of her fellow doctors and some medical associations for telling the truth about the vaccine fraud and its murderous impact on millions.

Dr. Merritt gave us an update of the status of the battle against the medical-government-Big Pharma effort to use vaccines that are useless for anything except causing sudden death, wide-spread miscarriages, sterility, crippling's, and enormous population reductions.

We also found out today that Dr, Merritt is well versed in Russian history and literature, speaks and reads Russian, and has assessed 5-G transmissions as a threat to human well-being. Dr. Merritt said that we are all lucky that Putin is Russia's president as, at the moment, he seems to be the only adult in the room, and was reacting understandably to the U.S., NATO, and The EU reneging on their written pledges not to move NATO closer to Russia's Western border and not to make Ukraine a member of the NATO or the EU.

She also said that it is more than likely the West's relentless hatred for, as well as its aching for war with Putin and Russia, is due to the rapid post-Soviet recovery and still growing strength of the Russian Orthodox Church

In regard to possible lethal danger of 5-G transmissions, Dr. Merritt explained, again in language that even The Two Mikes could understand, that 5-G is yet another tool that the globalists can use to reduce the world's population via premeditated murder.

Finally, Dr. Merritt presented a detailed explanation of why the Khazarians -- AKA: the Khazarian mafia -- are the main and most-hateful leaders of the Globalists' lethal and diabolical operations, all of which are designed to slaughter most of the world's population. Again, this episode is one of our longest and so listeners might want to take in several goes.

This article was written by Two Mikes with Dr Michael Scheuer & Col Mike and originally posted on Freedom First Network.

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