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Dr Judy Mikovits: The covid and Polio Jabs Created Monkeypox

The more you understand about actual healthcare, the more you realize that there are side effects of virtually any medical intervention. When you don’t do things God’s way, which is the natural way, there are negatives that go along with the positives… if there are even any positives.

Just take a look at virtually any over the counter or prescription drug… there’s almost always a list of side effects. Why? Because these chemicals were never designed by God to be used in this way. That means that we always have to weight the risk vs the reward every time we take a pharmaceutical drug.

Dr Judy Mikovits returned to The Jeff Dornik Show to discuss a couple of fascinating topics, starting with refuting the theory that viruses don’t exist. She does a deep dive into the science proving that conspiracy theory to be false.

However, the most important discussion was the second half of the interview where we discussed monkeypox. Unfortunately, she’s seeing a repeat of the HIV/AIDS epidemic of the 1980s play out with this monkeypox “outbreak.” With the same point man, Anthony Fauci, lying to the American people yet again.

While monkeypox is being pitched to the American people as a naturally occurring outbreak of a virus, Dr Mikovits has a different perspective on this. During the show, she explained:

“What is the rash on your hands and feet? We’re seeing it every day. You injected it. You crippled the immune system… you injected it years earlier in every polio shot. That’s where you use the vero monkey kidney cells… “

She went on to clarify that monkeypox was in the polio vaccine. Then the covid-19 vaccine, which she noted is not the cov-2 vaccine, gave everyone vaccine AIDS. The combination of these two jabs results in monkeypox.

Why is this so predominant in the homosexual community? Could it be because of the fact that HIV/AIDS so so prevalent in that community, which means that they are starting off with a compromise immune system, and then compound that with these two vaccines?

Ultimately, the main takeaway is that the covid-19 jab is having even more far-reaching ramifications than most of us realize. When you mess with God’s creation, there are almost always consequences.

Monkeypox is simply the natural result of getting injected with the polio and covid-19 jabs. We need to stop messing with God’s creation and our immune system. As Dr Mikovits continually says, no more shots in your arm. We simply cannot trust Big Pharma or our health agencies like the CDC, FDA or NIH.

For more information from Dr Judy Mikovits, please visit her website

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