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Dr John Diamond Reveals the Sinister Reason We’re Seeing the Number of Mass Shootings Skyrocket

Dr John Diamond is the host of America Unhinged on BrighteonTV. Taking a look at our nation today, I could not think of a better show name. We no longer have any actual constitutional rights that are protected by our federal government, a bioweapon is being injected into unsuspecting victims and now we have mass shootings happening on an almost daily basis. America is definitely unhinged.

When it comes to the recent string of mass shootings, I asked Dr Diamond why this wasn’t not happening at this rate under President Donald Trump? Maybe, just maybe, the Deep State and our own government is behind all of this through MK Ultra type mind control and brainwashing.

What would be the purpose of such a heinous and horrific plan? Dr John Diamond lays it all out during this episode of The Jeff Dornik Show.

Tune in to Dr John Diamond’s daily show on BrighteonTV called America Unhinged.

There’s another sinister plot by the globalist powers-that-be, and that’s to have a borderless society. They’re accomplishing this through the millions of illegal aliens that are pouring over our borders. The cartels are ruthless and will kill anybody in their path.

My buddy Chad Caton took a couple of congressional candidates, Josh Barton from Arizona and Dr Garrett Barton from South Carolina, down to the border, and boy did they have a wild ride! Not only did they see the work of the cartels up close and personal, but they arrested two drug mules and turned them over to the Border Patrol… and everything was caught on camera, which you’ll be able to see in the upcoming Freedom First TV documentary called Two Mules: Our Day on the Border with Tim Foley.

Head on over to to watch the trailer and become a subscriber of Freedom First TV for exclusive shows, summits and documentaries like Two Mules. Use code JEFF for a 25% discount when you sign up.



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Htos 1av
Htos 1av
Jun 16, 2022

Well, commutards ONLY murdered >80 million last century-NOT including all the wars!!!!

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