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Dr John Diamond Reveals How the Covid Vax Will Usher in a Zombie Apocalypse

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

Dr John Diamond explains how the covid-19 vax will usher in a zombie apocalypse. Guess who the zombies will be? The vaccinated.

The Zombie Apocalypse is something that no one ever thought would be a real thing. Yet, for some reason, even our own government is preparing for this seemingly fictional event. How could this be a real thing? Dr John Diamond, host of America Unhinged, joined me on The Breakdown to, well, break it all down…

Google “FEMA, prepare for zombie apocalypse,” and it takes you right to FEMA’s website. It’s actually got that Zombieland commercial, and they’re showing Zombieland and telling people to prepare for a zombie apocalypse. If you Google “Con-Op 888” there’s actually a government plan for a zombie apocalypse. If you Google “CDC zombie apocalypse” there’s zombies. I mean you’re going to find stuff right on their websites.

So it just seems very, very strange that all these government entities are all pushing this zombie apocalypse preparation message out there. You know they use Hollywood with World War Z and The Walking Dead.

The interview that I saw… they had some doctor on, and to summarize he said that basically what they’ve injected people with these “vaccines” and they’ve only got about half the world. At the beginning of the thing, Biden said there’s going to be another pandemic, the WHO said there’ll be another pandemic. Bill Gates actually said that there will be another pandemic and that THIS one will get everyone’s attention… and then he kind of smiled.

What this doctor is saying, and he gave a whole bunch of documents, is when he injected people with this so-called vaccine, these liquid nano-particles are basically like a suitcase that contains gene-editing type stuff and it also contains… ebola. And what it does is disable a part of the brain and actually edits out their genes and makes them bite.

So now you’ve got this person in this zombie-like state and then it releases this ebola which causes people to bleed out of the eyes and the ears and everything else. You can imagine looking on the news and seeing these people walking around looking like zombies. Basically, their plan is to scare everyone into these concentration camps so they can terminate them.

As if we didn’t already have enough documented proof that the “vaccines” are pure evil, now we can add zombie apocalypse to that extremely long list.

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