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Dr Jim Meehan: I’m 666% Sure That Anything Bill Gates Touches is not Good for You.

While many are waking up to the lies we were fed regarding the covid “vaccines,” it’s more important now than ever before to realize that it’s actually ALL vaccines that should be questioned and ultimately rejected.

Dr Jim Meehan joins this episode of The Jeff Dornik Show to discuss his concerns with the medical industry and how they’ve largely been bought and paid for by Big Pharma and the corrupt government. The “science” that they are quoting to claim that vaccines are safe and effective are even worse than what Big Tobacco was claiming to say that cigarettes are safe.

We also discuss the problem with Big Food and Big Agriculture which has led to all sorts of chronic disease, in addition to the deceptive tactics of these industries, as well. Apeel is a perfect example of this dishonesty, given that they hide more than 99% of their ingredients from their paperwork, plus are now being applied to even organic produce. As Dr Meehan so eloquently exclaimed: “I’m 666% sure that anything Bill Gates touches is not good for you.”

For more information about Dr Jim Meehan and his medical practice, please visit

Note from the Editor: It's so important to rid your body of any and all chemicals that you can. That means no more prescription drugs (except when absolutely necessary), vaccines, non-organic food, tap water, fragrances, non-stick pans. It also means that you need to detox your body of all that chemical soup that your body has been accumulating your entire life. Dr Sherri Tenpenny recommends the zeolite heavy metal detox Pure Body Extra. Take control of your health! Click here to get $50 off your first order.



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