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Dr James A Thorp: Our Government has Spent $5T Pushing the Deadliest Drug Ever Rolled Out

During this episode of The Jeff Dornik Show, Dr. James A Thorp rips the veil off a colossal scandal that will make your head spin. Brace yourself for the harsh truth: the U.S. government has poured a mind-blowing $5 trillion into what is the deadliest drug rollout ever—the Covid jab. Or, as Dr Thorp calls it: a bioweapon. If that doesn't send a chill down your spine, you're not paying attention.

We peel back the layers of the narrative the government's been feeding us, and trust me, it's more twisted than you can imagine. Dr. Thorp revealed the unsettling financial partnership between the American College of OBGYN and HHS. Millions exchanged hands in an illicit contract, leaving us to question not just the morality but the sheer audacity of those pulling the strings. This has led to the entire OBGYN industry being compromised to push these Poison Death Shots.

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But hold on, it gets crazier. Dr. Thorpe shines a spotlight on the risks of the Covid jabs, especially for pregnant women. Given his background as an OBGYN, he doesn't tiptoe around the ethical swamp; he dives headfirst into statistical evidence proving all of the horrific results of this dangerous injection. Miscarriages are up drastically, as are birth defects and all sorts of conditions for both the mother and the child. It’s horrific when you look at this irrefutable documentation.

As we challenge the status quo with matter-of-fact evidence and statistics, daring to question the narrative that's cost trillions and could be the Pandora's box of the deadliest drug ever, one thing becomes abundantly clear—conventional perspectives simply won't cut it anymore. This isn't about left or right, red or blue; it's about what's right and what's downright sinister. The stakes are higher than ever, and we're not just talking health; we're talking about a narrative that could reshape societies and rewrite the very definition of trust.

If you thought things were bad when it came to Big Pharma and the covid jab, you’ll realize it’s much worse than you could ever imagine. It turns out that the Poison Death Shots or more deadly than most of us in the Freedom Movement even realized.

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