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Dr Cordie Williams: Scumbag RINOs like Mitch McConnell are Socialist, Communist Swamp Creatures

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As we head into the 2022 Mid-Terms, there’s lots of talk about the coming Red Wave. The American people are seeing the havoc that the Democrats are creating with their policies that have only one purpose: Destroy the United States of America and usher in the New World Order.

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The problem is, however, the Republican Party is not much better. In fact, they might be even worse, since many of them are lying to the American people, claiming to be Constitutional Conservatives, all while being RINO swamp creatures.

Dr Cordie Williams is running for the U.S. Senate out of Communist California, and he had some choice words for the Chief RINO during my interview with him at Clay Clark’s ReAwaken America Tour in San Diego last month:

“You mentioned Mitch McConnell, right? He’s such a sellout and a scumbag.”

Finally, a Republican politician willing to take on the visible leader of the party in the DC Swamp. He continued:

“That inner game of politics, we might as well, I like Republicans In Name Only. I like that, I like that term. But you might as well call them socialist communists… swamp creatures. They are the people that care more about their pocketbook and extorting America for every dollar they can than they care about your kids and my kids. In the Marine Corp we call that an enemy combatant. That’s 100% what it is.

“We have to be very careful right now. We have to be very careful because some of our leaders out there have endorsed and chosen some RINO establishment candidates for the Mid-Terms, and it’s unfortunate.

“A lot of people are turning away from certain leaders that we used to support, and I think it’s scary because we could see a splinter or some fractures in the Republican ecosystem. I hope I’m wrong, and I hope these guys aren’t RINOs. But doggonit, it sure likes they are.”

There is definitely a concern with Conservative and America First leaders endorsing RINO candidates. We’ve even seen it with the founder of the MAGA and America First Movement, President Donald Trump. He’s endorsed Texas RINO Governor Greg Abbott, as well as Dr Oz, who is pro-vaccine, pro-gun control and pro-transgender surgery for children.

We need more than just a Red Wave in the upcoming Mid-Terms. We need an America First Wave of outsider Republican candidates who are willing to buck the system, both within the swamp of DC and our own Republican Party.

Dr Williams is definitely one of those candidates that we, as the America First Movement, needs to get behind. California is perceived as a Democrat stronghold, but I believe if we could root out Election Fraud, it would be more more Red than people realize.

Head on over to and support Dr Cordie Williams for Senate. It’s time to have Republican Leadership in the Senate from the state of California.

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