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Did Hunter Bring Coke To The White House??

With the revelation that cocaine has been found in the White House, right-wing Twitter has exploded with speculation that the president's famously drug-addled son must have brought the party back home. No evidence thus far implicates Hunter, but given the level of surveillance in the White House shouldn't we expect to know soon who's guilty? Also today: big victory for the First Amendment and defeat for fascism in the US. Watch today's Liberty Report:

Note from the Editor: It's obvious that the Biden Crime Family is out of control and we've got to make sure they do not get another four years. This means we've got a lot of work to do in order to clean up the elections before 2024 and get either Donald Trump or RFK in the White House. We're going to need coffee. And lots of it! Luckily, we've got you covered with Freedom First Coffee, which is our 100% organic and fire-roasted coffee... and better yet, it literally tastes like FREEDOM. Order a bag today using code AMFIRST and you'll realize that this is the best tasting coffee you've ever had!




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