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Diamond and Silk: Jim Crow Biden is the Racist-In-Chief

According to the Democrats and the Mainstream Media, the GOP is the party of white supremacy, racism and the KKK. Fortunately for us, they are simply projecting onto us what they, themselves, actually are.

The Democrat Party is the party of racism. They are the party of slavery. They are the party of Jim Crow Laws. They are the party who opposed the Civil Rights Act. They are the party of the KKK. And they are the party that voted for an out-and-out racist in the 2020 Election. *Notice that I didn’t say “elect”.*

I had Diamond and Silk on The Jeff Dornik Show, and they really lit into Joe Biden and the Democrats’ racist history and ideology. And, according to them, Black Americans are waking up to this fact, which is why they’ve been trending Republican ever since Trump got in the political game. It’s also one of the ways they know that the election was stolen:

“Don’t tell us that more black people voted for (Joe Biden) than any other president in history. We are two black women, and we know that that is a lie. More black people voted for Barack Hussein Obama than Jim Crow Joe Biden.

“Black people would never have lined up to vote for Jim Crow Biden, the same Biden that stood on the Senate floor that gathered up this crime bill that had men locked up, particularly black men locked up, that decimated a lot of these fathers from the home.”

As Diamond and Silk laid out, the Democrats are the racists, all while claiming to be the party for Black America. However, we’ve got to look past their words and to their actions. While they make all sort of claims, the Democrat Party’s actions tell a completely different story:

“(The Democrats) are the creators of segregation and divisiveness. Republicans, you are going to have to turn around. Instead of letting these people slap you in the face, you’re going to have to turn your cheek enough to turn around and slap them right back, is what you are going to have to do.

You’ve got Diamond and Silk in the ballgame. And one thing about Diamond and Silk is that we aren’t going to sit back and let you slap us around.

They call us racist. They call us white supremacists, and we’re two black women. We’re going to turn around and call them back… YOU are racist! You’re a white supremacist! And then we can run down their history and tell them why we know and how it’s so. Then the fact checkers can’t come out and say you’re lying about this, because true history - go read a book - go to the library, read your history and you’ll see what Diamond and Silk are talking about.”

We are in the midst of campaigns for the 2022 Mid-Terms. This is one of the true narratives that the GOP needs to run on. The Dems will be accusing every Republican candidate of being a racist. It’s time to flip the script and drop some truth bombs, pulling back the facade and letting the American people see them for who they really are: A bunch of racist white supremacists.

And don’t forget about the Racist-in-Chief Joe Biden.

You can watch Diamond and Silk’s show Chit Chat Live on Frank Speech. Check out their website

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