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Despite 12 Million New Jobs During Biden’s Presidency, Dems Still 10 Million Jobs in the Hole

The latest jobs report has been released, and Alleged President Joe Biden is claiming to be the greatest job creator in American Presidential history. He’s citing statistics that claim he created 12.7 million new jobs during his presidency. There’s just one problem… during covid, Democrat governors forced 22 million workers out of their jobs. That means he’s still in the hole for 10 million jobs. Not a good look, Joe!

The Biden Team is attempting to make it appear as if Donald Trump is the worst jobs president in modern history, sharing graphics showing he was a net negative jobs president. At the same time, they are claiming that Biden is the best jobs creation president ever with almost 13 million new jobs during his alleged presidency.

The reality is that they are completely ignoring the context that tells a completely different story. You see, Donald Trump “created” more jobs than virtually any other president simply by getting the government out of the way through deregulation. This was an important step towards having a thriving economy.

Trump’s economy was derailed during the covid plandemic, in which Democrat and RINO governors shut down their economies, forcing 22 million people to lose their jobs, as they were deemed “unessential.” This completely undid everything economically that Trump had accomplished during his presidency.

Given that less than 13 million people got jobs since the Biden assumed the role of President, this means that only a little more than half of those who lost their jobs during covid are back in the workforce. 10 million people are still without jobs. This is horrific.

When Biden claims to have created so many jobs, this was accomplished by Democrat and RINO-led states opening back up their economy. So, essentially, they took away everyone’s job and gave it back to half of them, all while claiming their economy is thriving. This is an outright lie. You don’t get to claim you are creating jobs when really all you did was give some people their jobs back.

Don’t believe the lies. When they throw statistics at you, it just takes peeling back the propaganda and looking at everything within context. When you see the truth, you realize our nation is in much worse shape today than we were under President Trump.

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