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Denise McAllister: Conservatives Can’t Win the Transgender Fight if We Concede on Homosexuality

Conservatives and even Christians have largely conceded the fight over homosexuality. However, these same people are attempting to fight against transgenderism. As Denise McAllister explained during this episode of The Jeff Dornik Show, the root issue for both comes down to identity. If you concede the identity of the personal claiming homosexuality, you must also accept the transgender identity if you want to be consistent. Clearly, conservatives and Christians need to come back to Biblical principles.

The LGBTQ+ Movement is one that hinges upon how one identifies. They’ll say that a man who is attracted to a woman identity is straight, and a women who is attracted to a woman’s identity is gay. What they are doing is getting down to the very essence of who you are, forcing everyone to find their identity in something other than Christ.

And this is where both the Evangelical Church and the Conservative Movement have lost the battle over transgenderism… we’ve already conceded the Left’s argument in regards to identity. Many within the Evangelical Church have conceded on the argumentation that you can identify as gay, but simply not act on it. If that’s the case, the battle is already lost.

You see, we are neither straight nor gay or transgender. That is not where we find our identity. We are created in God’s image and, thus, are called to identify with Him. It simply comes down to whether your attractions align with God’s or not.

As a Conservative Movement attempting to tackle this important issue of transgender surgeries for kids, we can’t forget that the LGBTQ industry, as a whole, is targeting kids… not just when it comes to body mutilating surgeries. Why? Because it all comes back to convincing kids that their identity is in their attraction or how they feel.

So instead of giving them security in Christ, we are giving them insecurity in themselves. This is where we, as Christians, can point back to the Gospel, which forces us to turn away from our sinful desires and lay them at the feet of Christ through repentance.

Any Christian who claims that someone’s identity cannot be changed is making a horrific statement about God. What they are saying is that God made a mistake when He made them. For Christians who say that you can identify as gay as long as you don’t act on it, what you are truly saying is that you can’t live out the way that God made you.

Clearly, God did not make you gay or transgender or anything of the sort. Instead, He designed you specifically for marriage between a man and a woman, which is a physical representation of the relationship between Christ and the Church.

We must continue to fight the culture wars, and we cannot give up ground or concede on these issues. If we do, the results are catastrophic. The LGBTQ fight is a perfect example of that.

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I am Christian, I am Conservative, and I have conceded no fight. Both are perverse in life styles and are an abomination to GOD


Ollie Bear
Ollie Bear

There is a prime reason homosexual and other deviant sexual practices, including transsexual diversion, have been universally rejected and abhorred by all societies throughout human history — except by extreme methods & fertilization practices (not including adoption which does not add to reproduction rates), all such unions are childless and barren of the most essential thing societies require to flourish — children. They are inimical to what makes societies work, therefore those practices and those who advocate for them are understandably “hated” and shunned by reasonable people. Let me remind that U.S. society is already under necessary reproduction rates of 2.10/female @1.78/female in order to replace population.

I invite you to research what happened to the Shakers.

Founding Fathers
Founding Fathers

Why did Liberals Democrats rush this Gay Marriage bill to be law ? Well, they know that if this meme were a billboard, it would end this silly LGBT debate overnight.


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