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Democrats Use Hearing on Religious Persecution to Target U.S. Christians

(Bob Unruh, WND News Center) - Democrats in Congress are being called out for hijacking a hearing on worldwide religious persecution to put a bull’s-eye on American Christians for their alleged “Christian nationalism” in a new column at the Washington Stand.

It is Arielle Del Turco, director of the Center for Religious Liberty at Family Research Council, who documented how U.S. Rep. Maxwell Frost, a Florida Democrat, “ignored the topic of global persecution entirely in his questioning of witnesses, instead pointing the finger at Christians in the United States.”

Frost complained, “Christian nationalism is a form of religious extremism making its way into our policies and undermining our democracy. These extremist actors are co-opting the language of Christianity and religious freedom to push an undemocratic agenda that seeks the very opposite of what they claim to do.”

Frost’s blast at Christians came at a hearing of the House Oversight Committee’s Subcommittee on National Security, the Border, and Foreign Affairs.

It was supposed to focus on multiple crises facing religious believes in Armenia, Nigeria, North Kroea, China and elsewhere, the column explained.

Instead, Del Turco said, “House Democrats chose to highlight the contrived problem of Christian nationalism in the United States.”

Joining Frost was Amanda Tyler, of the Baptist Joint Committee, which has wanted to ban symbols of faith such as the Bladensburg Peace Cross and a WWI Veterans Memorial in Maryland.

Tylor claimed, “The single greatest threat to religious liberty in the United States today” is what she considers “a political ideology and cultural framework that seeks to fuse American and Christian doctrines” – “Christian nationalism.”

Actually, the term “is mostly used as a smear against conservative Christians who defend the role of religion in American public life,” explained Gillian Richards, a researcher at the Heritage Foundation.

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The column pointed out the current attacks on House Speaker Mike Johnson because he explained that the Bible is his worldview.

The agenda intends to shame Christians into “silence,” according to Family Research Council’s Joseph Backholm, as Democrats are pleased when Democrats invoke Bible passages to promote their agenda.

Frost complained that “Christian nationalists” are trying to strip the rights away from people.

But Del Turco explained, “It is slanderous for Frost to suggest that those who promote a true understanding of religious freedom are doing so for corrupt motives. Unfortunately, the confusion surrounding what Christian nationalism actually is and how Democrats are using the term lends itself to false accusations and misunderstandings.”

Rep. Jared Moskowitz, D-Fla., used the same hearing to apparently link violent attacks on synagogues or grocery stores to Christian nationalism “without offering evidence of specific incidents,” she wrote.

The anti-Christian ideologies appear to be surging under Joe Biden’s administration, she explained, as the nation’s “foreign policy has routinely overlooked international religious freedom issues.”

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And Rep. Glenn Grothman, R-Wis., suggested Biden’s bureaucrats don’t consider religious freedom significant because they’re trying to make other countries less Christian, through their LGBT and abortion agendas.

It's clear that the Left hates Christians, and they are doing everything they can to silence those they label "Christian Nationalists." Our EIC, Jeff Dornik, is one of those people that looks at all of the current events and news stories through both a Constitutional and Christian worldview. Subscribe to his Substack to get all of his shows, articles and interviews directly in your email inbox.



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