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Democrats EXPOSED in Border Crisis Cover-Up... What They Don't Want You to See

Oh, look at the theatrics on Capitol Hill! It's a battle royale between the White House and the GOP over who gets the gold star for mishandling the southern border crisis. It's almost as entertaining as a reality show, but with higher stakes – and fewer border agents.

In the blue corner, we have White House spokesperson Andrew Bates, pointing fingers and tossing shade like confetti. He accuses the GOP of having an "anti-border security record." Hold on a minute; did someone forget to tell him that securing borders is kind of a thing countries do? But no, Bates is too busy wagging his finger, blaming Republicans for opposing President Biden's grand border security proposals and funding requests.

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Apparently, House Republicans are the villains here, obstructing reform proposals and voting against border security funding like it's their favorite pastime. According to Bates, their actions scream, "We don't want Customs and Border Protection personnel, and we certainly don't want record-breaking border security funding. We're too busy playing politics to care about those pesky illegal migrants."

Now, in the red corner, we have Speaker Mike Johnson, delivering a counterpunch that even Ali would be proud of. He fires back, accusing Biden of neglecting his border duties and turning the situation into a chaotic free-for-all. "More funds?" he scoffs, "Not to stop illegal immigration, but to process more illegal immigrants through their 'catch and release' policy."

Johnson doesn't mince words, blaming the mess on Biden's policy decisions, from scrapping the Remain in Mexico policy to playing fast and loose with parole and asylum systems. It's a direct line, he says, from the administration's reckless policies to a whopping 300,000 illegal immigrants encountered at the Southern border last month.

So, there you have it, folks – a showdown of blame and political theatrics. Democrats pointing fingers, Republicans pointing fingers back, and the border crisis? Well, it's just a convenient prop in this political circus. Stay tuned for the next episode of "As the Border Burns," where the only thing getting secured is politicians' ability to deflect responsibility.

If we want to close the border once and for all, we're going to have to get the right people in office in this next election. NOW is the time to get involved to ensure we Root Out the RINOs and unseat the Democrats opposing any sort of border wall and security. It's going to take a lot of work, but it'll be worth it.

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