DeAnna Lorraine: Miscarriages are Skyrocketing & NICUs are Overcrowded due to the Poison Death Shot

Updated: Jun 23

Here on The Jeff Dornik Show, we’ve been reporting the wide variety of side effects and health ramifications of the covid-19 Poison Death Shots. We were one of the first to report California’s Health Department reporting the issues of heart inflammation among young boys after getting jabbed. I’ve interviewed Alicia Smith, who has been dealing with ongoing neurological issues which created unending shaking.

Then there’s the issue of strokes and young athletes collapsing on field. We’ve also heard about older women getting menstruation decades after going through menopause. The wide variety of side effects is the result of the bioweapon spike protein spreading around throughout your entire body and affecting different organs in different people.

I brought on Deanna Lorraine to discuss some of the side effects of the vaccine that she’s been uncovering, which now includes major issues with pregnant mothers and passing the bioweapon onto their children:

“There is a massive amount of babies in the NICU right now that nurses, baby delivery nurses, doctors and others have been blasting my DMs talking about this. There is a huge rise, they’ve never seen the NICU so crowded with babies than in this last year, and they’ve never seen babies being delivered more pre-term and at low birth weight and having the mother have major placenta problems than in this past year. And again, the one thing they all have in common? They’ve all gotten the vaccine.

"I know three women, just in my close circle of friends, that have been pregnant this year, have had a baby and the baby’s been in the NICU and was four to eight weeks premature. All these women had major placenta problems, and all these women were vaccinated while they were pregnant.

"The placentas are not delivering the proper food, blood and nutrients to these babies, and these babies are being induced way early, have lung problems, have breathing problems, blood problems, feeding problems and I’ve spoken to so many women and so many nurses that are saying that this is happening behind the scenes and is a big coverup that the vaccine is causing these placenta issues and low birth issues, and a lot of women aren’t even connecting it to the vaccine, which is outrageous.”

So many doctors are assuring their pregnant patients that it’s perfectly safe to get jabbed while pregnant. Many are even encouraging expecting mothers to get injected during their final trimester so that they can pass along the vaxx to their child. This is medical malpractice.

The fact that there are huge spikes in premature babies, issues with the placenta and a massive surge in newborns in NICU should be a warning to everyone that this is, in fact, a bioweapon designed to wipe out a portion of the population. Does the word depopulation ring a bell to anyone?

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