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DeAnna Lorraine: Does Trump’s Continued Promotion of Bioweapon Injections Make Him a Useful Idiot?

DeAnna Lorraine, host of Shots Fired on Stew Peters Network, joins this episode of The Jeff Dornik Show to break down the concerns we have with Donald Trump refusal to change course on the covid vaxx.

Donald Trump is losing support from his base every day that he continues to promote the covid “vaccines” as one of his greatest accomplishments. During a recent interview, he even claimed that he saved a hundred million lives with the release of the jab, and downplayed the adverse reactions and death.

Sure, his sycophantic base will never even question anything that he does, given their believe that he’s playing 500D chess. However, their excuses are wearing thin in light of the countless deaths occurring daily from young and healthy vaxxed men and women.

DeAnna Lorraine is a former America First congressional candidate and host of the show Shots Fired on the Stew Peters Network. She joined me during today’s episode of The Jeff Dornik Show to have an honest and frank discussion about what we do with Donald Trump in light of his refusal to change course on the covid “vaccines.”

Our conversation came down to this binary choice… President Trump is either naive or trusting the wrong people, which would make him a useful idiot in regards to their ability to manipulate him to ensure the bioweapon injections get into as many bodies as possible. Essentially, he’s a useful idiot. The other option is that he’s in on the entire operation. Neither is a good option. I’d prefer the useful idiot option over the fact that he’s in on it.

Now, some will come back and say that we’re at war, and there will always be casualties in a war, and that this was necessary to ensure that we didn’t have a permanent lockdown. This line of argumentation is insane, at best.

If we were actually at war and half a million innocent civilians were killed, whoever was behind it would be committing war crimes that are on par with Adolf Hitler. I don’t think we want to go down that route. The callousness of that defense is seriously depraved.

So what do we do? Honestly, I’m taking a step back from fully supporting President Trump for the 2024 Election. I’m not jumping on anyone’s bandwagon. He’s going to have to earn my vote. I don’t trust his competition, but we are a long way off and he has plenty of time to change course.

As it stands, let’s make our voices heard and praying that Trump changes course. If he does, he’d be our best chance to help save America if we can re-elect him as president. If not, we’re going to have to weigh our options taking this vitally important issue into consideration.

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Watch the latest episode of In The Foxhole with Karen Kingston and Jeff Dornik:




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