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David & Stacy Whited Break Down the Spiritual Side of the Fight Against the Deep State

The fight against the Deep State and their mission to implement The Great Reset goes beyond just a political or economic battle… this is spiritual warfare between good and evil. Even just a brief look over the World Economic Forum’s mission shows their goal of eliminating God, hacking the human body and establishing the New World Order prophesied about in the Book of Revelation.

Because this is a spiritual war and not just physical, we’ve got to understand how to even fight this battle and win. That’s where David and Stacy Whited come in. They are the co-hosts of The Flyover Conservatives Podcasts, where their tagline is: Wake Up. Speak Up. Show Up.

I had the opportunity to interview the Whiteds at Clay Clark’s ReAwaken America Tour in San Diego last weekend, and we had a fascinating discussion about this spiritual war we are waging against the dark and evil forces behind the Deep State and NWO.

The place where all of this begins is with your eternal salvation. You cannot wage this battle on the spiritual front of you are not a Christian. Without Christ, there is no hope to actually save America. This is where the Libertarian movement gets things wrong… you MUST include Christ and, in fact, make Him first and foremost in our nation or else we have no shot. The Devil is far too powerful against us on our own.

We must also be in consistent prayer. The interesting thing that a lot of people don’t actually understand about prayer is that it’s less about asking God for things as if He’s Santa Claus, and more about aligning ourselves with His will. This is why it’s so important for us to be in continual prayer… God’s not just going to save America without obedient believers. Instead, He uses a small group of faithful followers who are aligned with His will in order to bring redemption to a people. We see that in the Old Testament. We’ve also seen that in the New Testament and even throughout Church history. That’s what we witnessed with the founding of America.

I appreciate David and Stacy making Christ first and foremost. We have zero chance of turning things around in America as long as we, as a nation, are turning our backs against our Creator. Step #1 to save America? Repent.

Please visit for more information on David & Stacy Whited and to listen to their podcast.

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