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Cringe: Kenneth Copeland Drinks Real Blood During Communion

Many would call Kenneth Copeland a heretic. And they would be right.

He's one of the worst prosperity preachers in the nation, and is nothing short of a scam artist that has quite literally lost his mind.

Unfortunately, he's still raking in the cash by the millions from supporters of his "ministry."

A videos is being shared on Instagram of one of Copeland's services where he leads communion.

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During this cringeworthy clip, he adds a new twist to drinking of grape juice, which is to signify the blood of Jesus during this ceremony.

Instead of properly teaching that this is a metaphor for the blood that Jesus shed for us on the cross... he decides to cut his hand and the hand of another pastor on stage, allow their blood to trickle into the cup of grape juice and then proceed to drink the juice mixed with their own blood.

You literally cannot make this up.

Make sure that you are educating yourself to spot heretics and false teachers. That's one of the reasons I published my first two books, Social Injustice and Church & State. Order both of these today, and then pre-order my upcoming book Following the Leader which exposes the cult tactics being employed to manipulate the masses.



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