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CREEPY Ghislaine Maxwell Painting Finally Revealed

Carter Andrews and DJ Bolger, documentary filmmakers and founders of @ReveloProject, join The Chad Prather Show to discuss their recent documentary “We Tried to Buy Epstein’s Ranch.”

The pair detail how they got involved in investigating Jeffrey Epstein and what their ultimate goal was.

Interesting insight into the Zorro Ranch estate and some of the wild things Epstein was up to, including impregnating thousands of virgins and eugenics programs.

Note from the Editor: It's obvious to anyone looking at the case that Jeffrey Epstein was working for one or more of our intelligence agencies to blackmail world leaders on behalf of the United States Government. This is just one of many tactics that they use to control everyone. The upcoming book Following the Leader highlights many of their tactics they use to brainwash and manipulate the masses. Pre-order the book today!



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