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Corrupt, Fraudulent and Unconstitutional Elections Have Devastating Consequences

Michele Swinick joins Jeff Dornik on Brighteon TV’s America Unhinged to deliver the ONLY SOLUTION we have to WIN in 2024. Hint, WE THE PEOPLE haven’t even BEGUN to use the POWER we have – IT’S GO TIME!

Ann Vandersteel then takes the baton & EXPOSES what’s really going on at the BORDER & in Traitor Gov. Abbot’s Illegal Alien Invasion Planned Operation State of Texas.

Big Tech was extremely involved in rigging the 2020 Election. Unfortunately, nobody has done anything to stop them this time around either. But there is one thing you can do... support free speech platforms like pickax, which is launching Q1 of 2024. Not only will they refuse any requests by the government to violate your First Amendment rights, but they'll also strongly oppose election interference by Silicon Valley. Sign up today!



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