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Clay Clark: The Covid Bioweapon Injections are Leading to Mass Demonic Possession

Many “conspiracy theorists” have pointed out the ties the powers-that-be have to the occult, including Bill Gates, Jeffrey Epstein, Yuval Noah Herari and even Elon Musk. They’ll say that the covid jabs are demonic, yet it’s typically because of either their depopulation or transhumanist agenda. I don’t think they are going far enough.

Clay Clark joined this episode of The Jeff Dornik Show to discuss how current events are playing into the Globalist Cabal’s ushering in The Great Reset. As we played some clips from Klaus Schwab, Elon Musk, Alex Jones and more, a trend began to appear that is clearly darker and more sinister than even the most conspiratorial realize.

The reality is that the artificial intelligence that is being injected into the vaxxed is demonic in and of itself. With confirmation that Quantum dots are in the jabs, as well as artificial intelligence and even graphine, which is an ingredient that’s foundational to memory for quantum computing, there’s very little doubt that this is demonic.

Hollywood always tells us what’s really going on, leaving us clues in their films. One example is Disney’s Marvel Cinematic Universe which has been incorporating the Quantum Realm into their storylines. What is this? The ability to blend together otherworldly beings from other dimensions with the human world. Sound familiar? That’s right… when it comes down to it, they are signaling that their understanding of the Quantum Realm is connecting with the demonic spiritual realm.

So what does this mean for humanity that’s been injected with this technology? It could be that this is a technological reimplementation of Genesis 6, where we saw the fallen angels get human women pregnant and creating hybrids. While God is not allowing that to happen today, Satan may be attempting a completely different strategy.

Instead of impregnating women and creating little half-demon babies, they are using technology to essentially demonically possess humanity. Like I said before, this is more dark and sinister than you’ve ever heard anyone else talking about when it comes to the jabs. This, to me, is more evil than just depopulating the earth.

So what do we do? First, understand that this is a spiritual war between good and evil. How do we wage this war? With the truth. It’s time to get off your butt and wake up the masses. And, as Dr Sherri Tenpenny repeatedly states, it’s time to mass repentance for taking this evil injection.

One of the best ways to protect yourself from bioweapon injections and “viruses” like covid and the ensuing jab is to stock up on Dr Zelenko’s Z-Stack and Z-DTOX, which you can get using code FREEDOM for a discount when you order from

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