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Clay Clark & Seth Holehouse: How the CCP’s Coming Implosion May Thwart The Great Reset

During this episode of The Jeff Dornik Show, we had the perfect one-two punch, tackling the World Economic Forum and The Great Reset. First, we had Clay Clark who started off exposing the coming CBDCs and just how dangerous they are, and then explained why Evangelical Churches are simply unwilling to tackle these important issues.

The key to The Great Reset, according to Clark, is their ultimate technological control of the masses, which will be greatly enhance both with artificial intelligence and the Central Bank Digital Currency. By eliminating the US dollar and replacing it with digital currency, the powers-that-be will be able to decide who can be a part of society and the economy and who can’t, which is where the social credit score comes into play.

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An interesting component of the hijacking of America has been the lack of pastors and churches taking a stand on a widespread level. These woke pastors have shown that they’d rather whisper sweet nothings into the ear of their congregation than faithfully and boldly declare the truth, especially when it comes to what’s happening on a global scale. This is the time for the faithful preaching of the Gospel and mass repentance as we see what these globalist elites are trying to usher in.

Seth Holehouse, host of Man in America, then followed up with his theory that the World Economic Forum is not making The Great Reset happen, but instead are jockeying for position for the reset that’s naturally going to occur. The key to the WEF taking over the world is China, but if the CCP implodes, so does Klaus Schwab’s ability to have the infrastructure to maintain control.

To Holehouse, he can see China imploding. Tens of millions of Chinese are dying from variants of covid, which is surprising since the developers of the covid bioweapon targeted American genetics when they weaponized covid. According to Seth, we may be witnessing Divine intervention, punishing the evildoers and protecting the last bastion of freedom in the world… America.

With everything going on, it’s a fact that one of the key components to The Great Reset is resetting the current monetary system, which means ushering in hyperinflation to tank the dollar. This is why you need to reach out to Our Gold Guy to discuss purchasing gold to hedge against inflation. In my opinion, now’s the time to own assets that can protect you from these sinister forces. Go to and let him know that Jeff Dornik sent you. Our Gold Guy is an America First patriot, sources all of his gold in America and has some of the best rates in the industry.

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