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Clay Clark Exposes the Globalist Elites’ Plan to Take Over the World… in Their Own Words

Clay Clark, as always, is a guest that has the tendency to blow minds when he comes on my show. During today’s episode, however, he one-upped even himself. He set out to break the all-time world record for most truth bombs in a single show, and he did not disappoint.

During my 50 minute interview with him and Dr Jim Meehan on Freedom First TV’s The Breakdown, Clay rattled off shocking truth bombs one after another, most of which you have not even been made aware of, to-date.

While we all know that the Globalist Elite have been working to implement their plan of world domination for decades, Clay has been able to trace it all back to the beginning: 1971. During this year, we saw America go off the gold standard, the founding of the World Economic Forum, the legalization of abortion, the book Rules for Radicals was written, Disney created Epcot, and the Pope finished his “snake building.” Clearly, 1971 was a significant launching point for this sinister plan.

However, the ultimate question is this: What is their plan? Sure, it’s conquering the world, but what does that look like? Clay Clark has the answers, and in their own words.

Throughout this clip from The Breakdown, Clark plays several clips from Klaus Schwab, Yuval Noah Herari and several others that expose their strategy that requires every man, woman and child to get vaccinated, which results in their ability to control and manipulate everyone from within. As Herari has clearly stated, humans no longer have free will.

This is a transhumanism nightmare that must be stopped. Luckily for us, we have God on our side, and we know that this is not the end, only just the beginning.

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If you haven't watched the most recent episode of The Jeff Dornik Show featuring Teddy Daniels, you can catch it here:

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