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Clay Clark Explains How the Planned Monkeypox Plandemic Fits Into the Globalist Agenda

At this point it should sound like a broken record that the covid-19 “pandemic” was actually a plandemic created and instituted by the globalist elites that are doing everything within their power to usher in The Great Reset. I’ve said this so many times it just rolls off the tongue now.

Now that we have the latest monkeypox “outbreak” that is instilling even more fear in those that are still glued to the Mainstream Media, it’s easy for all of us in alternative media to claim that this is just another “plandemic.” Sure, that’s definitely the case. But why? What does a virus that is transmitted almost exclusively through gay sex have anything to do with instituting the New World Order?

Clay Clark has all the answers, and he laid out the entire game plan behind monkeypox, starting with their announcement more than a year ago that this was coming to how they launched the “plandemic” to how it fits in their plans to usher in The Great Reset.

I’ll let you listen to the entire show to hear Clay explain it all, but it’s sure to blow your mind once you see the full picture. This is bigger than just medical freedom. It’s bigger than a political battle. This is a war for the future of humanity.

For many, these kinds of conversations can be depressing when it feels like the whole earth is out to get you. And while that’s true, for me, I take the opposite approach.

It’s an encouragement because I know that we have the truth on our side. This means that we don’t have to live in fear. We know what’s going on, and now we just have to stand firm in our beliefs and don’t cave to the fear tactics.

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