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Clay Clark Breaks Down Elon Musk's Contribution to the Dark Side of Technological Progress

In a riveting return to The Jeff Dornik Show, Clay Clark delivered a dose of truth bombs, discussing the imminent convergence of technology with human biology and its potential catastrophic consequences. The looming integration of our finances with advanced technology raises concerns about vulnerability to suppression by those in power, posing a risk to individual freedoms.

Even as Elon Musk, a prominent figure in the conservative movement, contributes to technological advancements, there's a darker side as the Globalist Elite seeks to use technology to strip away free will, compelling compliance without choice.

Clark raised alarms about the inevitable progression from Artificial Intelligence to Artificial General Intelligence, and eventually Actual Intelligence when combined with quantum computing. The idea of brain chips connecting humans to the internet, effectively turning them into hackable living computers, paints a disconcerting picture of the future. Urging proactive measures, Clark emphasized the need to protect ourselves now rather than waiting for irreparable consequences.

With the BRICS framework in place and the dollar on a downward spiral, Clark advised safeguarding finances by investing in gold. Predicting the potential devaluation of the dollar, he underscored the importance of backing currency with gold and advocated for investments in precious metals to secure access to the evolving financial landscape.

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To guide individuals through this financial strategy, Clark recommended consulting with the official gold sponsor of The Jeff Dornik Show: Our Gold Guy. Ira, Our Gold Guy, is an America First Patriot known for his industry-low rates.

For those seeking personalized advice, Ira offers complimentary consultations, providing factual information to empower individuals in making informed decisions. To access these resources, interested parties can visit and ensure to mention Jeff Dornik as a referral.

Additionally, Clark invited listeners to secure tickets for the upcoming ReAwaken America Tour in Tulare, CA, emphasizing the urgency of staying informed and engaged in the critical discussions shaping our nation's future.

Tickets are available at, serving as a platform for individuals to join the dialogue on preserving freedom in the face of evolving challenges.



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