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Clay Clark: Biden’s Executive Order 14067 is Codifying Luciferianism

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Joe Biden’s Executive Order 14067 goes into effect December 13th, 2022. This will begin the process of eliminating our current fiat money system and replacing it with a completely digital currency. If this gets implemented as planned, we are at the complete mercy of the powers-that-be.

Clay Clark, the man behind the ReAwaken America Tour, joined me to break it all down in detail. As we discussed, the implementation of this new monetary system would take Cancel Culture to a whole other level.

Think about it… at this point, the main cancelling we’ve had to worry about is in regards to Social Media. If we say the wrong thing, Facebook, Twitter or Google would kick us off, as has happened to me on a personal level from both Twitter and YouTube.

However, this would take that censorship to the next level, giving the government complete authority to cut us off from our money without a moment’s notice. You’re on your way to a Trump rally? Not so fast, the government deems you a threat so they take away your ability to buy gas or food.

Or what if you don’t take the Covid Bioweapon Injection? They can ensure that you can no longer buy or sell with the push of a Button. You are no longer a free person, but at the mercy of the powers-that-be.

It’s no coincidence that the Democrats included the increased staffing of the IRS by an additional 87,000 agents. This is deeper than just targeting conservatives… they already have that capability. They don’t need that many agents to accomplish that.

These additional IRS agents are going to be used to implement this new digital currency, ensuring that businesses and banks transition over to the new system.

I’ve been warning for months now that if cryptocurrency is great for its decentralization, but if it ever got in the hands of the government, it would be our worst nightmare. Unfortunately, that time has come sooner than I anticipated.

When you combine the demonic artificial intelligence technology in the covid jabs with the digital currency which gives ultimate power to the powers-that-be, it is clear that Luciferianism is being codified with this Executive Order 14067.

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