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Carl Crew Unveils the Real Story Behind the Legend of Bigfoot

During this episode of America Unhinged, which I guest-host every other Tuesday for my good friend Dr John Diamond, we took a detour into the dense forests of the Pacific Northwest, chasing the elusive creature that haunts the minds of conspiracy theorists and avid outdoorsmen alike: Bigfoot.

Normally, I'm down for talking all things politics and conspiracy theories, but during this episode I figured why not dive into the untamed wilderness of cryptozoology? So, who better to join me on this expedition into the unknown than Carl Crew, the host of Fourth Watch Files and a relative to the man who gave us the iconic term "Bigfoot."

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Enter Carl, with his recounting of family history and the original discovery of the hairy, bipedal mystery that is Bigfoot. We're getting the inside scoop from a guy whose family is practically Sasquatch royalty.

Now, I know what you're thinking. Bigfoot, Nephilim, aliens… what are you talking about? There’s so many wild theories out there, but Carl Crew is here to sift through the madness and separate fact from fiction. Spoiler alert: Neither one of us believe that Bigfoots are interdimentional beings or extraterrestrials… Just good old fashioned Bigfoots, chilling in the woods, minding their own business.

In the midst of this conversation, Carl recounts the gripping family history behind Jerry Crew coining the term "Bigfoot." It’s a wild story, yet is surely to make you consider that this thing just might be real.

So, as we navigate this forest of folklore and conspiracy, Carl Crew serves as our guide, steering us away from the crazy campfires where people swear they've communed with Sasquatch over a cup of coffee. But, if they did, Bigfoot surely prefers a nice Cup of Freedom from Freedom First Coffee.

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