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Captain America Star Blacklisted from Hollywood

We all know that Hollywood is hostile towards Christians, which is why there's become an entire industry based around faith-based films. Instead of playing by the corrupt entertainment system that is dedicated to propagandizing the masses, we've finally decided to start our own parallel entertainment industry.

Neal McDonough is the star of the new faith-based film called The Shift, which is a modern day retelling of the story of the Job from the Bible. At a recent event, however, McDonough shared some of the difficult times he's gone through over the last several years due to holding true to his faith.

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Many know him from the show Desperate Housewives or Captain America, and he plays a phenomenal villain. What many don't know, however, is that he's been blacklisted from Hollywood due to his Christian faith and refusal to do sex scenes and kiss women on screen, as he wants to stay faithful to his wife.

The Typical Liberal posted this clip on Instagram that is definitely worth the watch. It's highly inspiring and a reminder that we can and should hold true to our values.

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