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California is Forcing Big Tech Companies to Violate Your First Amendment Free Speech Rights

I recently joined former CIA Intelligence Officer Dr Michael Scheuer & Col Mike on their show Two Mikes to talk about my social media platform we’re building called pickax. Launching Q1 of 2024, this platform will not be beholden to Big Tech at all, which means that we can protect your First Amendment free speech rights.

Unfortunately, we’re going to have to take on the government to do that. The state of California has passed legislation that compels social media platforms to censor content, whether it’s misinformation or hate speech, or else face fines that can destroy any company that does not comply.

We need to separate from the Big Tech platforms that are nothing more than an extension of Big Government. That’s exactly where pickax comes into play. Not only will we protect free speech, but we will be proving monetization opportunities for content creators unlike anything currently available.

Sign up for pickax today at to be the first people on the platform once we launch beta.



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