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Bishop Leon Benjamin Warns that the Deep State is Rigging Even Local Elections

Bishop Leon Benjamin is a preacher through and through, but during the 2020 Election he felt led by God to run for Congress, so he obeyed and did so. On Election Night, November 3rd, 2020, he was winning in a landslide and it appeared as if he was going to head to Washington DC to serve in the United States Congress.

At 3am, however, a bunch of votes poured in for his opponent, literally stealing the election right from underneath him. This is the same thing that happened to President Trump, as well. We, as the conservative movement, have focused so much on the rigging of the Presidential election that many don’t realize that it also happened in the Senatorial, Congressional and even local elections.

This is widespread election fraud of an even larger magnitude than is typically talked about.

“It happened down ballot. It happened on the Senatorial, as well as the Congressional level. And now we’re seeing that it probably happened on the school board level and the city council level, the mayoral level.

“I thank God that in Virginia, we had a new governor. Everybody is saying, ‘Virginia is red. Virginia has always been red.’ But now we are finding out that with the electoral process, the elections - it’s not really voter fraud - it’s election fraud. Being able to manipulate votes.

“I mean, I saw that movie The Sixth Sense. ‘I see dead people.’ Now we’ve got dead people voting! I guess the Democrats see them more than the Republicans.

“It’s about understanding and knowing that we are in a place now where we have to bring righteousness or right doing back into our politics.”

If we are going to save America, we first have to assess the problem. If we are going to fix our elections, we must first understand exactly what happened. In this case, the 2020 Election was rigged at such a massive level that it wasn’t just about replacing Donald Trump with Joe Biden… it was about a fundamental transformation of the entire governmental process. To pull it off, they had to rig election after election after election, entrenching the swamp deep into even the most local of levels.

One man that has been exposing Election Fraud is Mike Lindell, and he’s been putting his money where his mouth is. You can support his efforts by shopping at, using code FFN for up to 66% off of everything in their store.

For more information on Bishop Leon Benjamin’s campaign, please visit his website



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