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Bill Gates and Chelsea Clinton Leading Greatest Jab Campaign on Children

Note from Jeff: We are constantly getting as much information out to you in order to combat the globalist elites like Bill Gates and Chelsea Clinton. In this instance, they are targeting our children with vaccines that are causing injuries, disabilities and death. Consider donating to The Jeff Dornik Show's GiveSendGo to help us expose more of these sinister plans.

Concerned that the pandemic and vaccine hesitancy have contributed to as many as 25 million children around the globe being behind on their shots, Chelsea Clinton and Bill Gates have partnered up to deliver what they say will be “the largest childhood immunization effort ever.”

UNICEF, the World Health Organization, and other philanthropic groups will be working alongside them to receive catch-up shots distributed in the next 18 months.

This article was written by Dr Joseph Mercola and originally posted here.

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