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Big Pharma Masks Your Symptoms Because They Want You Sick

Dr Jen VanDeWater is a Doctor of Pharmacy that is now speaking out against the pharmaceutical industry she was once a part of. The covid “pandemic” helped her, and many of us, to see just how corrupt and reliant upon ineffective prescription drugs we truly are.

Dr VanDeWater shared her concerns about how overmedicated our society is, going so far as to medicate to deal with side effects of other medications. Often times people can be on dozens of prescription drugs just to deal with one single health issue, but it’s a snowball effect

Instead, we should be taking a preventative approach and focusing on cleaning up our diet with clean and real foods, eliminating the chemicals and pesticides from our diet, and exercising. Most of our nation’s health issues would be gone if we simply did those couple of things.

And then when it comes to treating health issues, we need to stop treating the symptoms and, instead deal with the root causes. Doctors, in general, are hardly trained at all in nutrition and, instead, know what drugs will fix what symptoms. The problem is that it’s typically covering up the health issue, which means that the root problem is never getting addressed.

This was evidenced within the covid “pandemic” where we saw that the vast majority of those, especially early on, that were going to the hospital and dying had comorbidities that were contributing to the seriousness of the disease. Those with diabetes and other health issues were hit extremely hard.

Instead of dealing with the underlying issue, such as diabetes, the answer was, “just take another pill or shot.” This is standard procedure here in America, and it must stop if we want to gain back our medical freedom.

Take control of your health by being pro-active. Eat healthy and preferably organic. Get exercise. Cut out the chemicals, fast food, sugar and processed food. Eat meat, veggies and fruit. Live a clean lifestyle.

This will help ensure your immune system is strong and not dependent upon pharmaceutical drugs in order to mask the symptoms of self-induced health conditions.

One of the things you can do to boost your immunity is to add Dr Zelenko’s supplements to your daily routine. I recommend Z-Stack, Z-DTOX and Z-Flu, which you can order at

For more information on Dr Jen VanDeWater and The Wellness Company, please visit

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