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Bianca Gracia: Trump’s “Peace to Prosperity” Plan for Israel & Palestinians was his Downfall

It’s clear that God has allowed Donald Trump to “lose” the 2020 Election, leading to Joe Biden’s installment as the Alleged President of the United States of America. As Conservatives, it’s easy to blame the Deep State and the Democrats for stealing the Election. As Christians it’s easy to blame Satan. However, we also have to remember that God either causes and allows everything to happen according to His plan.

I had on Bianca Gracia again on The Jeff Dornik Show. She’s the founder of Latinos for Trump and Latinos for America First. Last time I had her on, we caused quite a stir as our conversation turned to Donald Trump pushing away his Christian advisors during the final year of his presidency. Newsweek, Business Insider, Yahoo News and a bunch of other outlets ran with the story, both attacking Trump and us as his Christian supporters.

While last time we discussed Trump’s need for repentance in regards to his promotion of the covid shots and endorsing RINOs, today’s episode gets down to the very moment where Trump’s presidency began to unravel: January 28th, 2020.

On that day, Trump released its Peace to Prosperity plan for resolving the Israeli vs Palestinian conflict. According to Gracia, part of the plan was taking land away from Israel and give it to the Palestinians.

Apparently, Michele Bachmann and others had warned President Trump that this plan goes against God’s will for the nation of Israel, given that the Bible warns us not to go against the Nation of Israel.

That moment, according to Gracia, was the beginning of the end of the Donald Trump presidency. The same day, the Trump team fell into disarray. Shortly thereafter, covid-19 led to Trump pushing away his spiritual advisors and pushing the globalist bioweapon injection, which then led to the 2020 Election being stolen from him.

It’s easy to blame Satan when things go wrong, but what if, instead, it’s all a part of God’s plan to teach Trump and America a lesson about doing things His way instead of our own?

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