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Beverly Hills Radiologist Goes on Antisemitic Rant, Then Apologizes for Being Misinterpreted

The Instagram account @StreetPeopleOfBeverlyHills reports that:

"Beverly Hills Radiologist Andrew Thierry MD posts antisemitic tweets, seemingly gets disciplined by his employer and issues apology that his words were 'interpreted' the wrong way."

Here's a sampling of what he wrote... you be the judge to see if this is a simply "misinterpretation":

"The only thing Zionists are Superior at are lies, deceit and genocide."

"Zionists are genocidal, demonic, greedy, pedophilic retards. Change my mind."

According to @StreetPeopleOfBeverlyHills, "These are just a tiny sampling of the hateful rhetoric Dr Andrew Thierry, a diagnostic radiologist in Beverly Hills, CA, continues to spew on social media. 90% of Jewish people globally are Zionists; his Jewish patients deserve to know what their doctor thinks of them."

Expert MRI, his employer, made this statement:

"It has come to our attention that a radiologist associated with Expert MRI posted inflammatory remarks last night on his personal twitter account regarding the conflict in the Middle East. The opinions shared by this radiologist are not those of Expert MRI or its owners. We are deeply saddened by these posts and in expressly condemn hate speech of any kind including antisemitism. Expert MRI is taking swift remedial action in response to these comments.

"The doctors are taking immediate actions with him."

Shortly after this statement, Dr Thierry posted this "apology":

"I apologize if anyone interpreted my words the wrong way. I love everyone which includes Jews and all God's children. I am most critical of my own government and all of the wars the US is involved in. I apologize if I offended anyone. I only have love in my heart, which breaks any time innocent humans suffer."

What do you think... was his apology sincere? Is this a case of actual antisemitism or simply "interpreting words the wrong way"? Post your thoughts in the comments below.

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